In recent years, the industrial style is becoming more and more fashionable, certainly because it is a very modern, fresh style of furniture, which interprets the individual personality well, as well as knowing how to mix well with other more lively and colorful styles such as Pop Art. The industrial style was born
in the workshops and lofts of New York in the 1950s, as an attempt to restore old offices and factories to shops and homes. It soon became very popular, and began to be characterized by the fact of using some typical materials such as wood (especially raw and natural, even old chests are used with still the prints and stamps on them), iron, the furniture is sturdy and they are often very simple in their lines, built in steel and wood.
The threads and defects of objects or chandeliers are often and willingly left exposed, because this style seeks perfection in its naturalness and therefore does not hide abrasions, fading, imperfections of the furnishings.
The color that predominates in the industrial style and undoubtedly gray but also other natural colors (such as white and black, dark or light gray, the natural shades of wood) predominate in the atmosphere. Sometimes industrial art meets and also mixes with Pop Art, thus giving life to eclectic environments where there are also strong and bright colors.
In fact, to avoid that the industrial style causes gray, dark, cold environments to be obtained, it is necessary to pay particular attention to natural light, to the use of elements (such as chairs, paintings) that can give color tones to the environment. , and in artificial light. Artificial light has a certain importance within the industrial style, so much so that there are really many types of chandeliers that can be chosen to give a personal touch to the style of the house or loft. How to choose the chandelier
How to choose the perfect chandelier for an industrial style environment
Fortunately you have a wide range of choices, especially today that you can buy at numerous online stores with a wide selection of lighting items.
But how to orient yourself in your choice
As we know, the industrial style focuses above all on simple, essential, effective, and possibly vintage pieces.
This is why the ideal style for an industrial chandelier is the simple and non-baroque one. Models with too many frills, which are excessively decorated, odd and colorful, should be avoided. The industrial chandelier brings to mind simple and common shapes, especially of materials such as wrought iron or steel. In reality, bright colors can also be good because they give a touch of light and life to the environment, if you have not opted for other solutions to brighten up the house.
Pendant lights are also very fashionable and are particularly ideal for an industrial style home.
The industrial model is characterized by a very basic shape, and is generally made of iron or steel.
There are also alternative solutions for lighting in industrial style furniture: for example, in recent years the fashion for LED light is spreading. LED lighting, by means of a system of recessed lamps, is also suitable for creating light points in an industrial-style environment, as long as you do not give up the option of also creating main light points (such as in the kitchen or living room) using even the old classic style lamps.
Led lights are a good solution to integrate industrial lighting; simple, characterized by cold light, they are ideal for creating an environment that goes perfectly with the style you have chosen for your home or shop.

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