Summer 2020 has a watchword: swimming pools. Sought after, longed for, longed for are at the heart of the desires of vacationers who for these strange post lockdown holidays are looking for (if they do not have one), especially in Italy, homes accompanied by what seems to be the most coveted element of the season. But a self-respecting swimming pool cannot fail to have an adequate pool edge, to organize it and furnish it in the best possible way, here are some useful tips, including trends, colors and the inevitable outdoor fabrics. A good floor is the starting point
Whether you decide to “immerse” the pool in a green English lawn or to insert it in a specially created flooring, it is always good to focus on something that is as practical and easy to maintain as possible. Today there are so many materials suitable for this use, certainly among the characteristics that this must have there are aesthetics and functionality, an essential combination, since these are surfaces subject to significant mechanical stress and the aggression of elements such as chlorine. or the saltiness.
Among the solutions, the wooden decking, made with essences such as teak, iroko, ipe or ash, to be purchased specifically for this use and to be maintained cyclically can be an excellent idea, as can also be the Wpc ( Wood Plastic Composite) or composite wood, an artificial component created by binding pulverized wood scraps to a plastic material made up of polymers and additives. Also worth considering are stone, concrete and the increasingly exploited porcelain stoneware. More or less new proposals that respond well to the requirements that flooring of this kind must have. Furnish with few but useful things
Whether it is an above ground pool model or a more articulated inground pool, the area surrounding the pool must always be organized giving the right balance to things and connoting it with a style that is simple and precise – and where possible that reflects a bit like home furnishings, especially if the outdoor area is near the house, for example, if the living room or the day area opens onto the garden – but at the same time it is light and not too complex. The ideal is, depending on the size of the space, to organize real functional areas to be divided according to the different moments of the day and / or according to the different functions. If you have a large pool edge you can create more areas, but the space is not very much the advice and to orient yourself on 2 fundamental parts: the relaxation area and the dining / banquet area. The first will be designed with sunbeds, deck chairs, an umbrella or awning, to be opened when needed, and small low furnishing accessories to support the other elements.
As for the dining / banquet area, in addition to the table and chairs, to be chosen dimensionally based on the size of the space, a correct coverage must never be missing (preferably something fixed) that gives the right shade during the most hours of the day. sunny and give comfort in the evening. These 2 almost inevitable furnishing corners, if you want to fully enjoy the pool and its surroundings, can be combined with conversation areas furnished with low armchairs and sofas. The advice is to create a chromatic, material and stylistic harmony among the different furnishings that gives continuity to the furnishings and never neglect the plants and greenery, the lights, the textile elements and the basic decorative ones to give personality and a touch in more to the whole. The importance of the right color
Whether on a terrace, in a large garden or in the pool area, neutral tones or the innate and timeless elegance of white are, and will always be, (obvious) a guarantee of success. The outdoor world, however, in recent years has been enriched with new and interesting colors thanks to new technologies and increasingly high-performance materials. “Unusual” colors that until a few years ago were unthinkable for this kind of furniture, which have always been subject to deterioration and consequent fading due to sunlight and bad weather, but today more than possible and simply perfect to give novelty and character to the areas outdoor, escaping a little from the prevailing monotony of whites and beiges. Among the most popular furnishing colors for the poolside and outdoor spaces
Developed in different shades, from the softest and richest pink, to the most intense, which almost turn to rust and brown, this color gives warm and harmonious brushstrokes that combine well with all materials normally used outdoors, from wood to metal, from stone to natural and non-natural fibers. Fabrics (and textile elements) to make the difference
Declined not only on padded items, small and large, on sun loungers and lounge chairs, the fabrics and textile elements, in which we include rugs, poufs and cushions of various sizes, are the inevitable complement that gives a simple poolside that allure and that charms that make a simple home swimming pool the outdoor space of a 5-star resort. Healthy wearers of aesthetic quality, if chosen in the right materials (with yarns suitable for outdoor use, an essential feature) can positively distort the environment by customizing it with elegance and giving this charm and refinement. Designed to resist for a long time and practically everything does not fade in the sun and, in the newest and most performing yarns, they are anti-mold, washable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Proposed in the classic lines, in the sober plain colors, in the current floral and botanical prints or in the interesting and refined tone-on-tone material effects, they are resistant to UV rays and (often) stain and chlorine-proof. Perfect for creating real open-air living rooms, they do not fear the comparison with indoor fabrics in the least.
Whether it has been designed for swimming, to enjoy the well-being of water all year round, or simply to let the little ones play, the pool must be designed in proportion to the size of the house and the garden / terrace that will host it. . In the same way, the space immediately around it should never be considered a residual space, but must always be studied and furnished with great care, exactly as if it were a real room in the house. Only in this way will it be possible to fully enjoy the swimming pool and create a real open-air room to live in the hottest months and where to relax pleasantly.
Claudia Schiera

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