Balanitis is the inflammation of the head of the penis (the glans), which constitutes its final part. The glans is the final portion of the corpus spongiosum, which is the smallest of the three columns of erectile tissue found in the penis (the other two are the corpora cavernosa, which are two parallel structures located on top of it) . This infection occurs due to different factors, including bacteria, viruses, allergens and the most frequent: a very common fungus that most of the population knows, the candida fungus.

Symptoms include redness of the foreskin or penis, sometimes with pain and smelly discharge, appearance of red sores on the glans, pain when urinating and inability to retract the foreskin. This last symptom can lead to phimosis , the inability to retract the foreskin, and it is more likely to occur if it is chronic balanitis or recurrent balanitis , which reappears over time.
Although the infection usually affects this specific area, if it spreads it can inflame the shaft of the penis. In other occasions, it can evolve into an invasive cancer, requiring surgery and subsequent follow-up. Therefore, it is important to make the diagnosis as soon as possible, especially if balanitis is suspected to be a premalignant lesion . To avoid its appearanceand the derived complications, we leave you some recommendations.


Adequate hygiene of the penis: It is necessary to carry out a complete washing of this, which includes the retraction of the foreskin to expose the glans, thus being able to clean it comfortably. In this way, the accumulation of dirt in the frenulum and in the glans is avoided.
It is essential to make a good selection of the cosmetic products that are applied in the genital area, since on many occasions balanitis is a consequence of the use of irritating components or substances. The skin in this area is much more delicate and sensitive than the rest of the body, and you should always choose hypoallergenic products .
Generally, balanitis is the consequence of a local infection caused by bacteria and fungi, which can be transmitted sexually if the partner is contaminated. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself by using a condom in all your sexual relations to prevent balanitis resulting from an STD, whether vaginal, anal or oral.
Also, if your partner suffers from vaginal yeast infection , it is best to suspend sexual intercourse until the infection is completely cured, and also not to ignore the use of condoms to prevent balanitis caused by conditions of this type.

suspend sexuntil you have visited the doctor, known the cause and completed the medical treatment.

If your baby has balanitis , regularly change the diapers and apply a protective cream to the genital area.

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