On Wednesday, December 1, Portugal re-enters what is known as a ‘ state of calamity ‘. The land border between Spain and Portugal remains open and with free movement, but the covid digital certificate will be mandatory to access restaurants or tourist accommodation. In addition, Portugal will request a negative test from those vaccinated to fly to the country.

Europe is on alert for the arrival of a new variant of the coronavirus, called omicron . In Portugal, 13 cases have been detected and the fifth wave had already hit our neighboring country hard, with infections and admissions to hospitals skyrocketing. It is time to make decisions and in Portugal they have prepared aplan of restrictions during this month of December and a week of containment after the Christmas holidays.
The land border between Spain and Portugal will remain open and with free movement, although Portuguese agents will be able to carry out random controls

. How do Portugal’s restrictions affect Spain The land border between Spain and Portugal will remain open and with free movement, although Portuguese agents will be carry out random controls and request the vaccination certificate and the negative test at any time. Only those under 12 years of age are exempt from presenting certificates and negative tests. In addition, it will be mandatorydigital certificate to access restaurants or tourist accommodation and a negative test to enter nightclubs and bars.
The reality is that both governments insist on emphasizing that there is a close articulation to establish mechanisms for verifying sanitary rules at the land border, as has been done so far to monitor the measures at more than 80 authorized crossing points that They are located on the Spanish-Portuguese border , but anyone who is thinking of traveling to Portugal from Spain in the next few days, coinciding with the December Bridge, must take into account the new limitations to which they will be exposed.

Mask in closed spaces
The capacity is not limited in large closed events or sports events, but the mandatory use of a mask in closed spaces (cinemas, theaters, bars, nightclubs, residences, hospitals…). In addition to negative tests with 72 hours validity to enter the country by any means (land, sea or air). Special emphasis will be placed on the airport area , where the penalties for companies that do not comply with the protocol could amount to up to 20,000 euros.
Portugal will adopt a week of containment at the beginning of January with mandatory teleworking, delayed start of classes and closure of bars and nightclubs
More severe are the containment measures planned to start the year 2022. The intention of the government in Portugal is that the first days of January, after the holidays, contacts are reduced to the maximum, for which it will force mandatory teleworking until the 9th January and delay the start of classes in schools by up to a week. In addition, bars and nightclubs will remain closed .

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