In recent years, technology has literally revolutionized the world of football and it is undeniable that it has managed to introduce significant improvements. We are not just talking about the tools that have made possible greater fairness at the referee level, however, because technological innovations have affected the world of football as a whole. The contract management itself, of great importance, has been revolutionized by the latest generation tools such as the electronic signature which has made it possible to simplify and digitize all-round contractual strategies with sponsors and players themselves. So let’s see what has changed in recent years and what have been the main news that have affected the world of football.

Goal-line technology: one of
the first innovations One of the first technological innovations that has certainly changed the world of football dates back to 2012 and is the now famous goal-line technology, very useful to prevent match officials from falling into the trap of ghost nets . This latest generation technology is in fact based on the use of 7 cameras for each goal, which are able to capture the movements of the ball from every angle. Thanks to the goal-line technology, the referee can no longer make mistakes in establishing the goal, because on his technological clock there is a real-time confirmation that the ball has actually crossed the goal line.

VAR: a real revolution in the field
A real revolution in the field, however, came a few years later than goal-line technology and precisely in 2017 with the official introduction of the VAR in Italy. Thanks to the slow motion on the pitch it is now possible to check for any doubtful situations (an unclear foul, an out of play and so on) by reviewing the images in slow motion from different angles. This allows the referee to make more reliable and safer decisions about any misconduct on the pitch and all fans know perfectly well that since the introduction of the VAR the whole world of football has changed.

GPS technology for athletic trainers
Another technology that has undoubtedly revolutionized the world of football and in particular that of athletic trainers is the GPS that allows you to record the positions of the player on the field by recording a series of parameters such as distance traveled, speed, time of each movement and so on. This technology is particularly useful during training to develop precise and sophisticated playing strategies.

Electronic signature: revolution for contract management
The world of football is also made up of contracts, sponsorships and negotiations: we know this very well and when the transfer market period arrives, we talk about nothing but these aspects.However, those who deal with the management of negotiations and contracts can now count on the electronic signature: another technological innovation that has made it possible to considerably simplify the life of managers of sports clubs. On the other hand, it is certainly not a secret: thousands of contracts in the world of football are signed and countersigned, not only by the athletes but also by the sponsors, the Public Administration and the various actors who are involved in this great business from time to time. .

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