The disagreement between Marco Travaglio and Roberto Saviano on the referendum seen by the political notist Francesco Damato
From the “strong powers” indicated at the beginning as inspiring the campaign for the No referendum of 20 September to the cuts in the seats of the Chambers, wanted by the Grillini even to regenerate the parliamentary system, we have moved on to the cultural and political elaboration of the Fatto Quotidiano, with the front cover page today, to the “Left for Salvini (without his knowledge)”. Unbeknownst to the left, not to Salvini and the shirt torn off him in Tuscany by a Congolese who has evidently taken seriously the representation, on the left, of the Northern League leader as the number one danger of Italian democracy. In defense from which, although his League is in decline in the polls, Parliament has been plastered with all the idenditari and political troubles of the main party represented there: the 5 Star movement.
In all fairness, this #referendum on which the fate of the government, of the country and perhaps of the whole world seems to depend, is nothing more than the definitive affirmation of a simple principle: politics deals with the inessential, since it needs to evade complexity
– Roberto Saviano (@robertosaviano) September 8, 2020
To convince Marco Travaglio and his editorial staff to no longer be able to liquidate the No referendum to the chambers cut as a right-wing phenomenon, although the Melonian right is all for the Yes and the Lega and Forza Italia somewhat divided, were a little readers, who in the end could not be denied a certain space, with angry replies from the director himself, and a little the irruption into the campaign of pieces from ninety, or from eighty-nine, eighty-eight and something even less than the left. The last, in order of arrival, was Roberto Saviano, who even sent to “shit” – I also apologize for him to the reader – the secretary of the Democratic Party Nicola Zingaretti and almost all the rest of that “water vapor” that it would now be the party including the remains of the PCI and the Christian Democratic left, but perhaps more of the latter than of the other.
“But go fuck yourself and your lies” tweeted the writer full of anger. The recipient was clear: Zingaretti, but also, consequently, Conte and the M5S … @ salvini_giacomo #FattoQuotidiano # edicol …
– Il Fatto Quotidiano (@fattoquotidiano) September 10, 2020
Together with Saviano on today’s cover page of the Fact against the supporters of the No referendum Marco Travaglio has arranged for Carlo De Benedetti, already declared holder of the number one card of the Democratic Party, the former treasurer of the same Democratic Party Luigi Zanda, also a collaborator of De Benedetti as editor of the newspaper Domani coming to newsstands, the editor of Repubblica Maurizio Molinari, mocked in the editorials of the Fact as Sambuca for the homonymy of that brand of liqueur, and the leader of the “Sardines” Mattia Santori. That he was officially enrolled on the left in the crowded anti-Salvini squares before the pandemic and that it must have seemed reckless to paint black now. We prefer to consider the fish industry, as has been said, a left unwittingly at the service of the much hated Salvini.
The photographic montage of the Travaglio newspaper against the No is also motivated by the need to protect the “yellow” majority, as they prefer to color the government coalition currently led by Giuseppe Conte after the yellow-green experience. It is not known whether the Giallorossi is avoided more out of consideration for the fans of the Roma football team or not to give it to Silvio Berlusconi, who even from his hospital bed considers the current one, albeit occasionally aided by absences from the Senate from the its parliamentarians, as including four left, and therefore “the most left in the history of Italy”.
For reasons I don’t know if there is space or a lack of photos, or because of the former secretary of the Democratic Party, the daughter of Pier Luigi Bersani is missing in the photomontage, whose father has just publicly complained about No referendum. I don’t dare ask about the pharmacist wife.

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