Since it opened its doors on Calle Orfila with Jose Gestoso in 2016, the Canabota restaurant has grown like the tide that brings to its windows daily the freshest and highest quality fish and shellfish that can be eaten in Seville. From the hands of the Guardiola brothers, Juanlu Fernandez and chef Marcos Nieto, sitting down to enjoy an authentic banquet worthy of the well-deserved Michelin star can be a whim within the reach of many because their menu, suggestive where they exist, has the prices fair to the quality of its dishes and its products. But really, many still wonder: How much does it cost to eat in Canabota
Putting a price on quality is always a complex task and not to everyone’s taste. Canabota offers customers the possibility of eating a la carte, through a tasting menu or, for those who prefer snacks, go to its Bar (located right next to the restaurant) and enjoy its cuisine in a more informal and economical way.
As of this Monday, this is the updated menu of the most popular hotel establishment of the moment. It should be remembered that outside the menu there are daily news not included in its official menu and that at these prices you have to add the drink.

How much does it cost to eat a la carte at the Canabota restaurant
Canabota presents its menu in the best possible way, explaining who is the hand that feeds it: “Canabota’s cuisine. The best products from the sea, improved by the hands of our chefs Marcos Nieto and Rafa Garcia “.
From there, the display of flavors of the sea begins. The grouper terrine opens the menu at 9 euros, a price shared by the grilled oyster, spinach with cream and lemon. It is followed at 11 euros, the white prawn tartar (extra Beluga caviar, plus 10 euros).
For 12 euros , the kitchen relentlessly executes brotola and crab soup; squid, yolk and artichokes; corvina, cauliflower and smoked butter, and cockles, verdinas and ramallo.
“According to the luck of the fisherman”, as highlighted in its menu, Canabota offers the best it has, fish and shellfish , every day . Here, prices range from 3.90 euros per unit of oyster speciale nº 4 (Marennes-Oleron) to 70 euros per piece of fish / kilo. In the middle of these, razor clams and cockles from Noia (7.50 euros per 100 grams); crab (6 euros, 100 grams); tiger and croaker prawns (14 euros, 100 grams); fine clam (15 euros, 100 grams); white shrimp and shrimp (18 euros, 100 grams), and Beluga and Osetra caviar (60 and 75 euros, respectively).
at dessert timeIt is difficult to decide between its four proposals: Cucumber soup, basil and fine Pavon; apple, pistachio and sour cream; peach, almond and lemon thyme, and chocolate, hazelnut and salted caramel. They all have a price of 7 euros.

High-end dessert wines range from €9 for a Bassus Rosado 2019 (50 cl) to €20 (50 cl) for a Klein Constantia Vin de Constance 2015, among others.

Tasting menu and gift menus

More than recommended for those who go for the first time is their tasting menu. On a daily basis, the restaurant designs a menu with the intention of offering a complete customer experience .
This tasting menuincludes: five appetizers, eight dishes, a pre-dessert and two desserts for 90 euros. If you add the pairing, it’s 40 euros more.
For those who choose to give a menu, Canabota offers four experiences :
Homage menu: 90 euros per person. Contains the menu.
Harmony Menu: 140 euros per person. Contains menu, appetizer vermouth, harmony of wines, water and coffee.
Bollinger RD Menu: 225 euros per person. It contains a menu for two people, a bottle of Bollinger RD 2004, water and coffee.
Gift voucher: minimum of 100 euros per person. Amount to consume in the Restaurant, La Barra or La Pescaderia.

How much does it cost to eat at La Barra de Canabota
For lovers of the bar , Canabota offers a wide assortment to enjoy in your second home.
As an appetizer , here you can have anything from fat olives or fried almonds (1.50 euros) to rocket banderillas (egg, pepper and anchovy), at 4 euros, or Gilda (anchovy, piparra and olive), at €4.50.
There is no shortage of starters such as anchovies and cod toast (7 euros), bluefin tuna mojama, ling and sea bass roe (9 euros) or Mujol roe (10 euros).

In the kitchen , more than known is its marinated sardine (7 eruos), its salads (cod liver or prawns, 8 euros) and its croquette (8 euros).
Curious it is for manytuna milk roe (11 euros) and much-requested crab salpicon, cod tripe and cuttlefish with mushrooms, all at 14 euros.
Before entering his fish market, the clams with artichokes close the kitchen at 18 euros.
In La Barra fish can also be tasted with the same quality and executed with the same care as in the restaurant: Oysters speciale (Marennes Oleron) at 21 euros, 6 units; XL cockles (15 euros, 200 grams); diver’s knives (18 euros, 6 units); clams (24 euros, 250 grams); white prawn (15 euros half and 28 portion); lobster (10 euros, 100 grams); fish (portion, 18 euros; piece, 60 euros kilo).
There are three main options in desserts: Ambrosius lemon tart; pumpkin, frozen yogurt and orange, and pears, caramel and lemon sorbet. All at 5 euros.

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