is approaching and the desire to travel increases in most citizens. In recent months it has become difficult to make long-term plans due to restrictions and limitations due to the pandemic, but if there is something clear, it is that the trends have changed.
Freedom and the ability to make plans in a very particular way are valued more. In this sense, just as the requests for houses with a garden and terrace have skyrocketed, there are not a few who, when planning a trip, now bet on doing it in a motorhome when before it seemed like something strange and not made for them. And it is that few ways of traveling give as much freedom and independence as motorhomes do.
If you have never traveled in a motorhome and you are considering renting one for the first time, there are a few details you should know before setting off. Calculating exactly how much it costs to travel in a motorhome can be somewhat difficult. Planning is essential and, following camplify’s advice, there are at least seven bills that will influence the final financial amount of your adventure.

1. Characteristics of the motorhome

As a general rule, the larger and more equipped the recreational vehicle is, the higher its price per day will be. Whether they are camper vans, caravans or motorhomes Camper vans, being smaller, usually have cheaper prices than motorhomes. And caravans can offer a better price/comfort ratio.The rent per day ranges from 50 to 200 euros per day .

2. How many people travel

The more people you travel together, the more profitable the cost per day and person. That is why it is often more profitable to rent a larger and more luxurious motorhome so that you get a better value for money.

3. Time of year and number of vacation

days The more days, the higher the total price. The summer season in coastal areas are also more expensive, as well as weekends and holidays or long weekends.

4. Where are you going to spend the night
When staying overnight in a motorhome it is essential to distinguish between parking and camping, so as not to have any problems with the authorities. Find out here how to legally camp with your van or motorhome at the best price.

5. Expenses in food

If the motorhome has a kitchen and refrigerator, you can maintain a level of expense in food similar to when you are not on vacation. Plan your shopping list in detail and take into account the availability of supermarkets during your route or stay. In this way, you will have greater control over spending on meals and avoid last-minute surprise expenses.
If, on the other hand, you prefer to eat in restaurants and bars during your vacation, you can opt for a recreational vehicle without a kitchen, etc. to offset the expense on that side.

6. Fuel

We come to a key point in planning the expenses of a motorhome trip, especially if you are thinking of making a route instead of staying in one place: fuel. Most motorized recreational vehicles are diesel.

For a displacement of about 200 km we could estimate a cost of about 20-30 euros in fuel . To this we must add the payment of tolls if we plan to go through highways.

7. Place where you rent the vehicle
Finally, the place where we rent the motorhome will also influence the demand that exists in said territory. More populated cities or summer vacation spots can be more expensive in this regard.

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