Rest, eat healthy and balanced and exercise regularly. The aspects to have a healthy life seem clear, but the theories on how to carry out each of these edges find different lines of argument among the experts. Now that the year begins at the top of the list of people’s resolutions, the vast majority are usually that of exercising, improving our diet or identifying and abandoning our bad habits, but little is said about how much and how we sleep. How many hours do you have to sleep at least Here we tell you.

Resting well is essential to keep the brain healthy.But good does not have to mean sleeping for many hours. Both sleeping too much and too little can have, in the long run, negative effects on our brain. And, be careful, the limit is not in the vaunted eight hours that they usually talk about. This is confirmed, at least, by a new study carried out by various researchers at Washington University in St. Louis. Science concludes that the ideal for our cognitive system is to sleep a little less, between 5.5 hours and 7.5 hours.
Science concludes that the ideal for our cognitive system is to sleep a little less, between 5.5 hours and 7.5 hours
Rest is something that we must regulate since we are born. The number of hours a baby sleeps is not the same as that needed by an adult from a certain age. Sleep makes us feel better. It helps us feel more energetic, happier and more capable of carrying out all the actions that we carry out when we are awake.
Experts clarify that sleep helps in different facets. To conserve energy, restore what is lost in the body while we are awake and plays a fundamental role in everything that is learning and memory, especially in phases of brain development.

How many hours should we sleep to rest well

But sleeping 5 hours is not the same as sleeping 10. We have always believed that to stay healthy the ideal is to sleep at least 8 hours, but this latest study that has evaluated the cognitive function of a large group of adults over several years, contrasting with their status in relation to Alzheimer’s and its brain activity during sleep.
The study discovers that both people who sleep a lot and those who do not reach the minimum continuously (not in specific and exceptional cases) show greater cognitive deterioration in less time. But, what is the ideal number of hours of sleep then

The necessary vital threshold is established between four and a half and six and a half hours, but the optimal period of night rest is determined in 5.5 hours and 7.5 hours maximum. That we respect these times will guarantee that our cognitive system works and remains stable for much longer.
This is the time that experts determine for the brain to carry out the necessary tasks to adapt to the environment and have the necessary agility. Thus, having a proper rest is on the same level as eating healthy or exercising , even if we do not include it on our wish list for this 2022.

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