When the central defender of Futbol Club Barcelona Gerard Piquehe lost all the points of his driving license, he arrived at the training in the sports city of Barca on a modern and fast bicycle with the appearance of a motorcycle.
It was an electric bike and it was none other than the Greyp G12S.The Greyp Bikes brand is a division of the luxury Croatian electric car company Rimac Automobili.In addition to Pique, Messi and Cesc also have one. In fact, the brand has made an
exclusive model with the name of each one, and the colors of Barca, Argentina and Spain.
Let’s see how they are, how much they cost and what characteristics these motorized beasts have
The bicycle has an 84V lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 3 kWh, which allows it to be recharged in 80 minutes using a plug socket in any house.
On the other hand, the motor performs a small recharge of power when the brake is pressed. A full charge of the electric bicycle would cost an average of 30 euro cents.
As we explained, the company belongs to Rimac Automobili, a specialist in luxury electric cars and, as such, makes reliable, long-lasting batteries with high capacity. The minimum useful life is about 1,000 cycles (charges and discharges) with a capacity of 75%.. The weight of the bicycle is 45.5 Kg. The maximum speed that the vehicle can reach would be up to 70 km /h, although some of the models will be reduced to about 47 km/h. The autonomy for the model (that is, the kilometers that can be covered with the bike) is about 130 kilometers, well above all the best-selling scooters and bicycles.
Pique arrives at training in his Greyp
Like any other vehicle with these characteristics, and although it may seem obvious, the bicycle has pedals , and they can be used as on any bicycle.

Characteristics and price

The model has a 19” (XL) 25CrMo4 frame,exclusive to the brand without welds and with steel tubes. The model also adds Rockshox brand front and rear suspension (Boxxer RC and Boxxer R2C).

On the other hand, the bike comes standard with the Shimano Saint braking system , 2.5 x 26 Maxxis Hookworm tires, and finally a group of gears, cranks, and pedalboard from the prestigious and modern German brand Schlumpf drive.All together gives benefits that allow both urban driving and rural driving for all types of roads.
As for the price of the Greyp G12S, anyone can get one from 7,200 euros (without taxes) . The two cheapest models would be those of the seriesG12S and G12S Spirit , and the most expensive Custom, which allows you to make a model suitable to your personal tastes, which would amount to 8,100 euros (plus taxes). According to the color it also increases the cost, being the Carbon the most expensive for the three series.
Its website offers a model that will soon be available, with similar characteristics, but lower in the range, the Greyp G12 H, which can be purchased from 6,400 euros (plus taxes).

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