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The dog of a serious and responsible owner is clean, vaccinated, and knows how to behave and when it is taken to public places it is not heard and often not even noticed. It doesn’t matter if it’s white, brown or black, small or big. It all depends on the owner , who must bring his dog if he knows how to behave appropriately to the situations. Nothing different than what you should do with children.
And the reason why I hate the no-access signs for dogs, in the various forms they have. Not because you have to go everywhere with the dog – not to impose yourself is the first form of respect – but because they make me think of those revolting signs of institutionalized segregation in the United States or South Africa and in general racism against those who are different .
The reason dogs are rejected is not that they get dirty. It does not depend on their barking or on hygiene issues (if a pizzeria has no problems with dogs, another that does not let them in claiming that the law requires it and at least suspicious): and because they are dogs.
Unlike humans, fortunately, dogs do not realize that they are rejected for who they are and they do not feel bad about it, they are only happy if they find someone who welcomes them and they offer them those incredible benefits that even the mere presence of a dog brings. to humans.
And today’s topic, presented in a rather belligerent way but sometimes it goes like this: the benefits that dogs bring to humans are scientifically proven, they are many, they are important and concern the body, mind and sociality of people. Here are a few.

  • The presence of a dog in a room – you don’t even need to touch it – is enough to lower the level of stress in those present. The benefits increase, as expected, if you get close to the dog – if you stroke it they are at their maximum, but you can even look at it without having to touch it. The beneficial effects begin after just 5-20 minutes from the proximity to the dog and last longer than the medicines;
  • The dog increases the level of oxytocin in the blood, also called the love hormone, which among other things creates feelings of attachment and attention to others. In human mothers, for example, higher oxytocin levels in the months after delivery are associated with a stronger bond with the newborn child (Dr. Carol Rinkleib Ellison);
  • Dogs increase the level of beta-endorphins in the blood, considered natural analgesics, promote pleasant sensations and raise the pain threshold;
  • Four-legged friends increase the level of dopamine , which is important for mood, behavior, sleep, motivation, attention and cognition, among other things;
  • The presence of the dog raises the level of phenylethylamine , which among other things helps to improve mood and concentration and to regulate appetite;
  • Fido improves blood pressure , helps relax muscles , regulates breathing and slows the heartbeat ;
  • Dogs help socialize , therefore they are also an important help for those who are alone;
  • Dogs help children who have problems learning to read;
  • Dogs help those suffering from mild forms of depression : they force them to divert attention from themselves, to take care of others, and at the same time they love without judging;
  • Fido helps to keep fit : it must be taken outside, well, and with just half an hour of walking a day in the open air it improves pressure, increases energy and a sense of well-being and keeps weight under control;
  • Thanks to dogs, many people meet and true friendships are also born ;
  • Dedicating yourself to the dog allows you to disconnect, at least temporarily, from daily oppressions;
  • The presence of a dog in one’s life is also associated with a lower risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease and a reduced mortality of those suffering from acute myocardial infarction and stroke.

The aforementioned reasons must be combined with the strength of the bond that is created with the dog: it is so intense, so different from any relationship with humans (different, no less strong) and so unique as to be impossible to describe in words, to know and understand it. you can only live it. A measure of the weight of the relationship with the dog gives it how they suffer when they die. But even this, unfortunately, you have to live to know it.

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