Have you ever been with your partner or your friends and suddenly your dog has started barking because you were not paying him the attention he expected
Perhaps he has come between you and your companions

. These behaviors are typical of jealous dogs .
Dogs, like people, may experience some similar feelings or behaviors. Sometimes we see that our pet behaves in a “jealous” way with our partner, children, friends or even with other animals .
Today, at Mascotissimas we want to show you what are the symptoms of jealous dogs, what behaviors they have andWhat we should do when they appear:
The first thing we can see in a jealous dog is that he always tries to get our attention if he feels ignored, causing us to stop interacting with the person we are with. This happens when a woman becomes pregnant and notices changes in routine and habits, when a new puppy arrives or when she sees that her best human friend has started a new relationship.

Behavior Change

Sometimes her daily behavior changes. Starts to growl without an apparent reason, is irritating when a new person or pet appears, becomes possessive or hoarding and even bites objectsor to behave with a violent attitude just to attract attention.

What can we do with jealousyTwo types of jealousy

can occur in dogs : sexual ones, which come from fights between males to mate, and those caused by lack of attention. For example, if a woman is pregnant, it is advisable that before she is born the dog approaches her belly, that she smells the baby’s clothes, etc. It is important that when the baby comes home we allow him to sniff it and lick it (always under supervision).
Each case is different, either because of the dog’s personality or because of the new situation he is experiencing. Therefore, if you have felt identified with this article, the ideal is that you go to a dog trainer or the veterinarian

to give you guidelines to correct this behavior. Remember that they are the ones who are or will be in contact with your pet and will know what measures should be taken.
Of course, something fundamental that you should know is that you should not punish him or put a muzzle on him when he takes these attitudes. Finally, it is important to respect the limits of the animal and not force situations. This can help you have a more manageable transition.

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