It is never easy for a future bride , even for the one who has the clearest ideas, to choose her wedding dress ( here are some ready-to-wear models to be inspired by ). There are many factors to consider. In addition to the practical details, the emotional component must certainly not be forgotten, the desire to see one’s dream come true .
Among all these variables, however, one thing unites all women: on their wedding day they want to be the most elegant and the most beautiful . This is why we must rely on experts, on those who have innate taste, on those who have inherited sartorial skills from their family .
Therefore, we interviewed Antonella Rossi who, at the head of her Atelier, creates wedding dresses, lingerie and high fashion collections of great prestige . Antonella is formed in a family that has been working in quality tailoring since 1950. Empoli (Florence), city of origin, and the starting point. But Rome becomes her expression. How a high fashion
wedding dress is born The wedding dress is born from the idea you have of marriage. We try to realize the image that the bride has of her of her marriage. We who make the dresses for the most important day must meet the bride’s expectations. The creation is the result of a lot of research, but also of tradition. You don’t just look at the “new” and trends, but take up some constant themes, because even the girls who are looking for something different from the classic long or lace model, for example, we offer pant suits and short dresses, they still want on that day of feeling like brides. To brides undecided what advice do you give
In reality the bride is undecided because she still has not found the right dress , because inside she does not feel it about her. When the dress becomes like a second skin and makes her feel good, she decides immediately, without any second thoughts.What must not be missing in a wedding dress For the dress to be perfect, a tailored finish and a good fabric
must never be missing . Even if you opt for an informal model, these characteristics must always be present. So it is the tailoring that makes the difference between a pret-a-porter dress and a high fashion dress like yours
Yes, of course. Above all thanks to the tailoring it is possible to customize the dress of the future bride. Just change even small details to make sure that the garment is unique and represents the character and wishes of the bride. The dresses are never identical, if you follow 200 girls, you will make 200 different garments. The chic bride must always be in white
Being chic means being elegant. And the elegance is proper to each of us. So the bride can also be refined in ivory, powder or other colors. It is not the white that determines her elegance. More than anything else, the important thing is that when the girl adopts her dress she feels dressed as a bride. In any case, we are particularly attentive to style, because in addition to making the dress, we coordinate all the accessories. On the dress there must be the right shoe, the right veil, the right hairstyle. It is the sum of these elements that make the outfit chic. So the veil remains an indispensable accessory
Yes if you have a church wedding. We are modernizing it by proposing it as a tuft, as a short veil, as a mantilla, as a hood, so that the detail of the veil is not only synonymous with tradition. Then, however, many girls really want the long veil. For example, a 24-year-old bride asked us for a 9-meter veil because she had been engaged for 9 years. So in the accessory either tradition or innovation is adopted . In any case, the veil must be in silk tulle , only in this way can one truly feel like a bride. The chic bride may not wear stockings
Tradition is fine, but you also need to be modern. Today many girls want to put on sandals, and if the dress allows it, well in this case the sock is not a fundamental detail. However, if you choose a traditional dress, all in lace, with a tail, with a veil, with gloves, then the stocking – even 5 denier – becomes synonymous with completion and elegance. What is the trend for autumn-winter 2016 Lace, lace, lace . The lines will have slipped, so we will see a lot of chiffon, georgette. The focus is on outerwear and the upper part of the outfit. Then stoles in cashmere , mohair and with lace details. The winter bride will customize her coat that will be unique and created together with her dress. The color trends will be ivory and a powder shade, almost naked. Therefore, the winter bride will be extremely refined. And speaking of the first night’s lingerie (which you make)
It always takes special attention. Although many boys and girls live together, they all tend to go back to the family the night before the wedding. This creates the expectation of meeting on the wedding day and also the expectation of re-meeting on the first night as a married couple. So the bride must wear silk satin , georgette lingerie and absolutely must be cream . This is an important detail. Another fundamental element is the dressing gown that the bride will have already used before the yes, when the hairdresser and make-up artist arrive at home.The dressing gown will complement the nightgown, long or short, but definitely sexy. What advice do you give to DiLei readers who are about to get married
First of all, I hope they find someone who can fulfill their dream of their life . In fact, before creating a dress, we do an interview with the future bride to understand what her expectations are. These define the very top of the wedding. So, for girls who have to get married, I recommend that they get information, read magazines in the sector and then make an appointment with the ateliers and start trying. Your company is all in pink, your daughters work with you, what are the prospects for women in the world of fashion
There are many opportunities. Ours is a profession that must be learned by following a specific training course . There are certainly spaces to learn, and a profession that is cultivated, but when you enter this field you have to dedicate a lot of yourself .
Antonella Rossi is now a member of the National Chamber of Buyers, and is vice-president of AIDDA, Lazio delegation (FCEM). Her maison, in addition to creating wedding dresses, lingerie and high fashion collections, creates embroidery, lace and colors of lace inside.

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