Wind in your hair, window down and background music. Among the honeymoon itineraries in America , this is undoubtedly themore complete and fun. It lasts about two weeks and combines large cities with wild nature.
It starts in San Francisco and arrives in Los Angeles , or vice versa, and is interspersed with nights in the parks and an eccentric stop in Las Vegas. We can geographically divide the parks into two groups: Yosemite, Sequoia and Death Valley on one side. Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Monument Valley on the other. Which one to choose
Depends! Each park has a different soul. There is Yosemite with woods and forests like Cip and Dale. Death Valley with endless expanses and an apocalyptic air to say the least. And then there are the Canyons, with the classic Tex scenery. Of those who … when the sunset falls and turns red, sit and admire and a show. So it depends! First of what excites you and then the days available.
In any case, sleeping in sophisticated resorts within the parks is a wonderful experience. Amangiri Canyon Point is ideal for honeymooners. Totally nestled in Bryce Canyon it offers an unrivaled experience. The relaxation area, open air, allows you to enjoy your cocktail under the starry sky, wonder! So an itinerary suitable for those who want to fill their eyes with breathtaking landscapes without giving up the great American metropolises

To all those who “I don’t give up on the sea”, we answer Florida and the Keys Islands! Departing from Miami, passing through Orlando and relaxing in the Keys Islands. This little paradise in South Florida is a favorite escape for Americans. An archipelago of over 800 coral islands with a Caribbean flavor. White sand, swaying palm trees and green mangroves set the scene. And then you want to put the wonder of driving on the Overseas Highway
! One name, one program: 127 miles of highway suspended over the ocean … exciting! The most eclectic and extravagant island is Key West, the land of Hemingway. Those who have passed this way say they have seen the most beautiful sunset of his life. The sunset is so beautiful that every evening we meet on the Mallory Square pier for the Sunset Celebration, or the sunset party on the Gulf of Mexico.
The itinerary lasts about ten days and, for a honeymoon in the USA , is the right mix of relaxation and fun. Pay attention to the choice of the period. During the summer Florida and company are subject to hurricanes, so prefer a winter departure that runs from December to April.

There are places that give their best at certain times of the year and visiting them is a unique opportunity. New England is one of them. In autumn, when the leaves fall, everything becomes more romantic. The maples are tinged with red and the landscape is colored with shades of yellow, orange and purple in a scenario that looks like a painting. And the phenomenon of foliage is the best way to see it and drive through the scenic byways, literally “scenic roads”. The ideal starting point is Boston to then move north between cliffs, lighthouses overlooking the sea and national parks. And last but not least, the culinary aspect is no less. Five of New England’s six states face the ocean, and Maine’s lobsters are some of the best in the world.
How about adding New York
Yes, because if this is a tour you like, consider that it marries in a sublime way with New York. This city needs no introduction, you love it at all. But let’s not stop at the usual American cliches. A honeymoon in New York is not just Time Square and Liberty Island. New York and … a Yankees game with high-spirited fans, a jazz concert in a corner bar or a Gospel mass in Harlem. And an aperitif on the rooftops of Manhattan at Ink 48, yellow taxis, street food and a bike ride in Central Park. New York and many things and all beautiful and as it may seem obvious, in a honeymoon in the United States it is there and adds its reason to the American experience.

Wyoming, Montana, Dakota and immediately Far West. A 2-3 week itinerary in the USA , preferably in summer, between cowboys and natural parks. We depart from Denver and begin our journey to the beautiful Yellowstone Park . First stop Cheyenne the mother city of the rodeo. You hear this sound
And the song of the Red Indians that fills the air! Cheyenne Frontiers Days, the oldest and largest outdoor rodeo in the world, takes place here every July. Fearless cowboys compete by riding bareback bulls and horses. The best, the legendary gold buckle wins. Then cowboys, green valleys and then
the inevitable ranches. Here you can live the American experience.
Fatigue, work and up early
No, none of this! Ranch dudes and resorts are perfect for a honeymoon. They have pools, spas, impeccable service, and gourmet cuisine. They are high-level structures but with an old west flavor. Excellent for breaking up the journey by car and spending a few days in total relaxation.
If “the cowboy life” is the main mood of the itinerary, visiting the North West also means being able to beat less touristy areas such as Mount Rushmoreand the 4 presidents or Yellowstone, the oldest park in the States. A supervolcano of extraordinary beauty that attracts over 3 million visitors every year. Finding a place is not so obvious and it is good to move in advance. And in order not to miss anything, how about a stop in the Ghost Town
The north west is full of ghost towns. Abandoned places where you can relive scenes from western films between dusty signs and old saloons.

Tune the frequencies on the latest proposals among the honeymoon ideas in the United States : on the road on the road to music between jam sessions and improvised concerts. It starts from Chicagowith the blues, you pass through the country of Nashville and the legendary Gibson factory and you arrive in Memphis , city of Elvis, of the pink Cadillac and of the vinyls that go around. And after Memphis here we are in New Orleans ; pure jazz in all its forms. Colors, sounds, artists that fill the streets. And the Mississippi boat ride! The best time to visit the street of music is from February to April to coincide with the two most spectacular events in New Orleans, the Mardi Gras and the Jazz Fest.
Last tip: The United States is linked to many beautiful seaside destinations. How about organizing a US and Caribbean honeymoonor a honeymoon in the United States and Polynesia
To conclude your wonderful honeymoon in total relaxation!

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