Known by the veterans of Risiko as Siam, Thailand is located north of Indonesia and south of China at the meeting point between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. This makes it a true natural paradise, full of diverse fish species and coral reefs teeming with an unparalleled variety of marine flora and fauna. It is no coincidence that it is one of the most popular destinations for diving enthusiasts.
The Thais (“free people”, in Italian), are masters of hospitality. A few hours in Thailand will be enough to learn to appreciate the sweet qualities of the “people of the smile”.
A smile for a Thai is a way of life. Mutual respect is a must. For example, it is considered disrespect to indicate another person with the feet. To give something to someone you use both hands, or at least the right hand. The greeting to the other is done by joining both hands. The higher the hands, the higher the rank of the person being greeted. Tourists are exempt!
Tha-le-Thai (Sea of ​​Thailand) is teeming with places to visit on a tour of the region. Pattaya, for example, is a location in the Gulf of Thailand recommended for diving where it is possible to admire numerous shipwrecks dating back to the period of the Second World War. Even a ship of the Royal Thai Navy was sunk on purpose to create a diving site. Ko Chang boasts the best dive site for visibility in the east of Thailand, where you can enjoy the many varieties of coral and marine flora. In Chumpon, on the other hand, you can go diving and admire the black coral and the whale shark, just an hour by boat from the beach. Here tourism is still underdeveloped, niche. The prices are moderate and the beaches are still pristine and beautiful.
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we talk about level tourism, however, the North Andaman resort is certainly the richest in wonderful beaches and prestigious resorts, ideal for a honeymoon. Here are the islands of Ko Samui, Ko Panghan and Ko Tao, very popular destinations for international tourism.
The archipelago of the Similian islands is a set of nine islands that cross the Gulf of Thailand from north to south, perfect for those who want to treat themselves to a cocktail of islands in the name of the most unbridled diving.For lovers of peace and tranquility, Ko Samet is the ideal. It is an island near Bangkok full of white beaches and almost completely devoid of social life. And Thailand 30 years ago. For a select few!
Khao Sok is considered a real natural paradise, located in the largest rainforest in southern Thailand, offering spectacular scenery surrounded by wild nature. From here you can visit the locality of Surathani where there are caves rich in stalagmites and stalactites, the natural habitat of the bats in the area, and the temple of Wat Phra Borommathat Chaiya, a very important historical site that has undergone Khmer, Indian and Indonesian influences, which is therefore rich in artistic and architectural varieties. On the way to Kanchanaburi, 130 kilometers west of Bangkok, you can visit one of Asia’s most vibrant and colorful markets in Ratchaburi province, continuing on to the market on the railway. Here, as the trains pass, the stalls are raised and moved. Extreme!
Once in Kanchanaburi, the city on the River Kwai, it is possible to visit the Muzzle Jeath (depicting all the misadventures of the fallen in the construction of the railway) and the Bridge over the river. We then continue to visit the Temple of the Tigers, where the Buddhist monks made the Tigers the tourist attraction of this place.
Universe in its own right and instead Bangkok. Capital of Thailand and so full of things to do and see that a busy week is not enough to fully experience it. The center full of skyscrapers, in contrast to the peripheral area, more placid and quiet where you can breathe the Thai style.
The Pagoda d’Oro, a majestic religious temple that offers breathtaking light reflections during the day. The floating market, fragrant and colorful, in which the pirogues themselves form the benches full of fruit, vegetables, flowers and more. Let yourself be tempted by an out of the ordinary tasting tour during your honeymoon in Thailand. The Temple of the Golden Buddha, which houses a statue of the Buddha, weighing 5.5 tons. The visit to the Klongs, channels of the Chai Phraya river, on the Long Tail Boats to come into contact with the traditional life on the river. You can also visit the royal palace, a symbol of the nation and the most glorified monument in the whole country. Wat Phra Kaew where the Emerald Buddha resides and the Vimanmek, considered the largest building in gilded taek wood.
Bangkok is certainly a chaotic city, busy and full of tourist attractions, a real crossroads for all those who are on their honeymoon, or even just passing through, in Thailand.

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