March is the month that is preparing to make way for the spring season. If you decide to make your honeymoon in March, we recommend four destinations where nature and humanity will leave indelible memories in your heart: Namibia, India, Sri Lanka and Jamaica.

How about succumbing to African sickness during your honeymoon in March
Namibia, south of the great black continent, is the classic example of how you can fall madly in love with the African land. The best way to appreciate this vast territory is on board a car. So, dear lovers, rent a car and set off to discover kilometers and kilometers of bare, barren, arid, desert territory. You will not regret it! Aunique safari that will allow you to meet giraffes, elephants, zebras and even the animal symbol of Namibia, present on the national emblem: the erice. After a long way, all that remains is to stay overnight. Where
At Dunes Lodge by Wolwedans , in the middle of the desert, to enjoy a decidedly suggestive experience. In a landscape made of dunes and sparse vegetation, you can enjoy luxury and relaxation in the company of the silence of nature, admiring the unrepeatable spectacle of a wonderful African sunset , one that will be imprinted not only in your camera but among the indelible memories of your life , to then leave room for the night under a sky full of stars . Starry sky that you can also admire in another resort, theLittle Kukala . The peculiarity of this resort is that on the outside it resembles a simple hut while, inside, in the 11 rooms available, you will find all the comforts you are looking for. And when it is morning, get ready for another fantastic experience: board a hot air balloon to observe the desert from above. Nature, adventure, romance: for a honeymoon in March what more can you ask for

From African sickness to oriental spirituality, India is a land that has inspired artists, musicians, writers and travelers of all kinds. The mystical air that you breathe, the rites and its people make this place magical at times, full of charm, to be discovered slowly. If you want to make your honeymoon in March in a place different from the classic destinations and you are able to arm yourself with a great spirit of adaptation , India is a destination that we certainly recommend. Arriving in India in spring means having the opportunity to attend one of the most famous events of the place: the Holi Festival, the festival of colors. It is a ritual that is a hymn to life and rebirth, in which one gets dirty with colored powders. A party where tradition and fun go hand in hand. India has a very large territory with so many things to discover. If you are looking for a very suggestive way to visit this land, board the Maharajas Express , one of the 25 best luxury trains in the world. Already from the name you can guess the idea of ​​pomp that will materialize once on board. There are several travel itineraries, with a single common thread: luxury. Among the must-see stops there are certainly visits to the Taj Mahal and the sacred city of Hindus, Varanasi, but if you want to have an original and fun experience, Bollywood Tours await you in Mumbai., to discover the spectacular and extravagant Indian cinema.

From India to the Tear of India. This is one of the nicknames of Sri Lanka due to the drop shape that the state has. This land retains several traces of its history and its religious culture. There are numerous Buddhist temples that are worth a visit. Definitely not to be missed is Polonnaruwa , an ancient city and capital of Sri Lanka. The place, a UNESCO heritage site, preserves intact the atmosphere that is a mixture of history and religion. Not far away, there is another absolutely unmissable archaeological site. This is Sigirya. Here rises a rock deriving from a volcano that characterizes a place full of charm, considered one of the wonders of the world. You just have to find out! And if you love animals, especially elephants , know that in Pinnawala there is an orphanage that houses small elephants orphans of parents who are victims of hunters. Moving in the territory, the nature and the scenarios that will show themselves to your eyes will amply repay you for the trip. Heading south, to be precise in Tangalle, you can watch the fishing on stilts , typical of local fishermen. A show in the spectacle of the enchanting sea that will welcome you.

Land of the springs, this is the meaning of one of the most famous Caribbean islands in the world. If you are looking for a vacation that is all sea, fun and absolute relaxation, Jamaica is the place for your honeymoon in March. One of the unmissable destinations and certainly Montego Bay , where fabulous beaches are ready to welcome you, with all the local warmth. If, on the other hand, you are a movie lover, you should know that Oracabessa Bay is nicknamed James Bond Beach : in fact, the film “Agent 007 – License to kill” was filmed here. Here you can also have fun with water sports or enjoying delicious dishes. If you love dolphins and want to swim with them at Dolphin Cove Jamaicayou can do it! An experience that will make you fall in love even more with these extraordinary animals and will give you moments of pure fun. Love nature and adventurous experiences
At Rainforest Adventures you can indulge yourself with many activities: from the fun bobsled descent, to the panoramic cable car, passing through trekking and adventure parks. To add that shade of green to the blue notes of the sea surrounding the island.

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