To face the new year with the right energy, how about leaving at the beginning of the year for your honeymoon
The honeymoon in January will make you discover fantastic places, beyond the usual routes, which will allow you to bring back home a unique and fabulous experience. Our proposals are: the timeless Argentina, the surprising Chile, the enchanting Thailand and the mysterious Easter Island.

The honeymoon in Thailand is nature, culture and relaxation. There are many interesting activities in the province of Chang Mai and in Chang Rai, in the north of the country. These places are worth a visit just for the wonderful temples in the area. But not the jungle on the back of an elephant , go bamboo rafting along the Mae Taeng river aboard bamboo rafts, visit the place where traditional handmade Thai umbrellas are produced or immerse yourself in Doi National Park, among nature trails and several waterfalls that characterize it. In the province of Chang Rai, however, the spectacle of the expanses of tea plantations will enchant you, as well as a visit to the Golden Triangle , a vast area that crosses the borders of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos at a precise point. A place linked to opium for decades. Yes, you read that correctly. Here you will also find a museum dedicated to opium, where you can trace the history of this production. Also recommended aexcursion along the Mekong river aboard a typical local boat. And if you feel the nostalgia of the sea, move further south, to the island of Phuket where you can dive, relax on the beach, wander among the inevitable temples and even visit a distillery where rum is produced. In order not to miss anything.

Another destination to go on a honeymoon in January, Argentina, a land characterized by migrations and deep-rooted traditions, a land of tango, asado and stories to tell. But if, in addition to this, you want to experience a honeymoon that goes beyond the most famous places and things of this land, treat yourself to a series of experiences in contact with a majestic and spectacular nature that will leave you breathless. Starting from the excursion to see the wonderful Iguazu Falls , on the border between Argentina and Brazil. The 275 waterfalls, with heights of up to 70 meters, make up a scenario that will surprise you. In these places scenes from various films have been shot, including Indiana Jones, and music videos such as “Mud” by Jovanotti. Argentina also means glaciers. Moving south, in Patagonia, to Los Glaciares National Parkyou will come into contact with what has been a Natural World Heritage Site since 1981, in an area that extends for almost 4500 km². You will find yourself in contact with the Perito Moreno glacier but not only. You can choose to navigate the glaciers with an organized cruise, go trekking and, why not, a toast at the Glaciarium, an ice museum that is also a bar. Because with those temperatures a little alcoholic refreshment cannot be missing.

Chile means Patagonia and landscapes that have enchanted numerous travelers and writers such as Bruce Chatwin. There are many experiences you can have here, starting with the sighting of lions and sea birds and, above all, of the numerous colony of penguins on Magdalena Island. You can experience unique stays in contact with nature such as the Ecocamp Patagonia , a resort located in the Torres del Paine National Park, designed and built with environmental, cultural and social sustainability criteria. The suites have been designed to offer guests the right mix of comfort, relaxation and respect for nature. Or the Awasi Patagonia which offers 14 private villas immersed in breathtaking places, ideal for stargazing , or forstargazing in the area’s beautiful sky. Chile also means Atacama Desert , one of the driest places on Earth. We are in the north of the country and in this place a very particular phenomenon occurs when it rains: the ground is covered with flowers, tinging the landscape with pink. A phenomenon that repeats itself every 4-5 years and that led the Chilean writer Luis Sepulveda to write a book inspired by this event: The Roses of Atacama. The gateway to the desert is located in the small town of San Pedro de Atacama , where there is an archaeological museum that houses the remains of the Atacamen culture. Another stop not to be missed for your honeymoon in January is the colorful city of Valparaiso, located in the province of the same name near Santiago del Chile. Called “the garden city”, it is also a city full of street art, where you can also visit the cause of the poet Pablo Neruda.

There are places in the world that immediately give the idea of ​​isolation and solitude. Lost places, reachable after many hours of travel. One of these is Easter Island. The beauty of this volcanic island belonging to the Chilean territory, located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, is timeless. This place, among the isolated places in the world, is famous above all for the gigantic Moai stone statues. But Easter Island also hides the charm of mystery. Discovered by the Dutch in 1722 on Easter Day (hence the name), for decades it has left unanswered the numerous questions related to the origins of the local population and the meaning of the statues and artifacts found. All this has only increased the charm of this remote island. Do not miss the excursions to discover the wild nature of the island, including flora, fauna, craters and breathtaking sunsets. On the island you will find luxury resorts to stay in this unspoiled corner of paradisein absolute relaxation. Once you have arrived in Chile, do not miss the opportunity to visit this mysterious and unique place in the world. If not on your honeymoon, when

But if your dream is a honeymoon full of sea and relaxation, we give you some wonderful news: the winter months are the best time to visit the fantastic atolls of the Maldives, so here is what a honeymoon in the Maldives is just the thing for you!

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