Honey is considered a food treasure since ancient times. It has a complex composition rich in vitamins and nutrients, which make it a unique food.
As we well know, honey is produced by bees . This food is produced through a process of combining substances (nectar from flowers and substances produced by the bees themselves) that they transport, concentrate and store in honeycombs . Subsequently, the honey is extracted from the honeycombs with machinery and specialized equipment.
Honey is one of the natural resources that has been used the most by human beings. Next, just as we did with the tea, we will see what theproperties and benefits of this thick liquid.

Antibacterial potential

Due to the inhibins present in honey, it has important properties as a bactericide. For example, one of the antibacterial potentials in this product may be important in treating acne and exfoliating the skin.

Source of antioxidants

Frequent consumption of honey can be an important dietary supplement for the prevention of heart disease, the immune system and inflammatory processes.

Honey has always been the main product used to sweetenthe food. Due to its components, honey not only sweetens but also, when mixed with other foods, can enhance both the flavor and its beneficial properties. In this sense, honey serves as a substitute for refined sugar and, at the same time, is healthier .

Important source of proteins

Bee honey contains enzymes and amino acids , which are the basis for the production of proteins .

Moisturizing power

The high concentration of moisture in honey can be essential to moisturize different parts of our body. For this reason, it is usually used as a moisturizer for the hair and scalp. But, for honey to maintain this property, it is important that it is not exposed to high temperatures because it could lose them.

Promotes digestion

When mixed with other natural products (lemon juice or cinnamon) honey can promote the activity of the digestive system.This means that it helps metabolize food, preventing stomach indigestion from occurring . In addition, it helps relieve symptoms of constipation, prevent reflux and help relieve diarrhea.

Treatment of wounds and burns

Honey has always been used to heal wounds. Helps relieve sunburn and blemishes on the face. Antiseptic properties are also attributed to it, which helps reduce the possibility of infection when applied to some wounds.

Relieves cough and sore throat

Once again, when combined with other substances such as lime or lemon juice, honey relieves sore throats, in addition to helping to combat some infections of this type. It is also considered one of the best natural remedies to calm cough .

Anti-inflammatory action

Honey also has the property of reducing muscle swelling and relieving pain caused by inflammation.
As we have previously pointed out, honey can be added to recipes , to which it gives a special touch due to its flavor and the beneficial properties that the food has. Here you can see some easy dishes with honey to make at home.

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