With the arrival of the ‘new normal’ , the use of the mask is mandatory almost every time we have to leave home. This element that has become one more of our clothing and seems to be with us for a long time, can become quite uncomfortable if we wear it for a long time.
Many complain about the pain caused by the rubber bands that are attached to their ears , but a Tik Tok user named Pio del Castillo has shared a homemade trick available to anyone that will make your ears never bother you again. mask gums.
@piodelcas You wear a
mask frequently and you have hurt your ear
Here I give you a trick ##covid19 ##coronavirus ##quedateencasa ##cuarentena ##consejospracticos
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It’s a homemade and very simple trick for which you only need an old shirt . As del Castillo explains in his video, you only have to cut the central part of the shirt (the part through which it is fastened) in which two buttons coincide that must be at the ends . When putting on the mask you just have to hook the rubber bands of the masks on both buttons and place it on the back of the neck . In this way, since the piece of cloth is the one that holds the rubber bands, since they are not hooked to the ears and do not put pressure on them, they will not hurt again when you wear the mask.

How to put

on your mask Experts emphasize the importance of taking the appropriate measures when putting on or taking off our masks. First of all, hygiene is essential , and remember that it is essential to wash your hands well with soap and water or with hydroalcoholic gel before taking the mask. In addition, before washing them, rings, watches or bracelets should go outside as they are sources of accumulation of microorganisms.
The experts place special emphasis on never touching it from the inside , since this is the area in contact with the nose and mouth and we cannot risk contaminating that part. To make it fit as close as possible to the face, we must place the rubber bands in the ears and then make a clip in the nose area (most have a wire or some metal element that will make it easier for us to know which is the upper part of the mask). It is also important that it covers as much surface as possible of the face, so stretch the paper part to perfectly cover the nose, mouth and chin.

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