Maintaining strong, abundant and healthy hair is a desire that every person, but more women, want. People who have fine hair, either because it is damaged or simply because of genetics, know that it is not an easy task. There are effective treatments, cosmetics of all kinds and vitamins to restore the healthy appearance of hair. But, you should know that there are also effective remedies that you can apply from home, that you can make yourself. We tell you which ones so that you can start enjoying their results and show off a ‘melenaza’ during these holidays.


1. Egg

The egg contains large amounts ofvitamin A, B, D and E, while providing essential nutrients to your hair. In addition, it contains a great contribution in proteins. Thus, it will favor its growth, stop the fall and reinforce it, giving shine to your hair. The only thing you have to do to benefit from these properties is to beat an egg and add a tablespoon of olive oil to favor the hair follicles. Apply the mixture from the roots to the ends until all the hair is well soaked.

2. Avocado

Avocado is a ‘superfood’ that is used to treat and improve many levels of health. Vitamin E and fatty acidscontained in avocado or avocado are excellent for hair. These improve the appearance of the hair, especially in cases of excessive fall and dryness.
In addition, they also contain protein. These strengthen the roots of the hair and help thicken it when it is too fine. Make a mask by mixing it with 1/4 banana and 1/4 avocado in a bowl, mashing them until you get a smooth paste. Spread the mask throughout the hair, let it act for 20 minutes and then remove with warm water.


Its properties for the body are known. What is not so common is to use it to stimulate the scalp.Thanks to its highcontaining medicinal , anticancer and energizing properties, Ginseng helps you stimulate hair growth naturally and also helps regenerate the scalp, this plant noticeably reduces stress and hair loss that is generally caused by the stress that is handled daily.
In this case, what you have to do is prepare a mask with the powder of several capsules, a few tablespoons of coconut, jojoba, olive and argan oil. Apply the mixture on the hair and leave it on for 5 minutes.Rinse with plenty of water.

4. Castor oil

Its essential fatty acids and amino acids nourish the folliclesand increase growth without causing unwanted reactions. By penetrating the scalp, it provides the necessary nutrients, strengthening it and making the hair grow stronger.
With the hair still damp, apply a little castoroil . Massage it from the root (if you don’t have fat) to the ends. After this step, wrap the hair in a towel or shower cap. Leave on for 15 minutes. 5.HONEY
Honey is capable of revitalizing and hydrating the hair in depth, in addition to favoring the production of keratin . We recommend that you mix honey with a little rose water, as it cleanses, repairs and stimulates the growth of fine hair.

Mix well and apply to your unwashed hair, leaving it on for 20 minutes . Rinse with warm water when this time has passed and then wash as usual.

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