Currently having free time to practice physical activity has become more of a luxury than a simple gesture to satisfy this primary need. Consequently, millions of people have decided to overcome this problem by practicing what is called a home workout . Let’s find out in this article the best way to deal with training sessions at home: supplements, tips and exercises for a daily routine that effectively contributes to our psychophysical well-being.
Good psychophysical health passes through three primary components that are under our responsibility and direct control. Proper nutritionand specific for individual characteristics, mental and emotional management and finally physical activity designed specifically according to personal needs.
The importance of training goes far beyond the simple aesthetic and gratifying aspect of the now highly sought-after “abdominal tortoise” or the “marble gluteus”, but has cascading effects on all the physiological systems that make up our body. Strengthening the cardiovascular system, balancing blood pressure, improving fat metabolism, lowering triglyceride levels, regulating cholesterol, balancing neurotransmitters. In short , physical activity is a fundamental component of our well-beingand it is our job to keep all equipment in shape and function in the most optimal way possible.
The human body has adapted to the natural environment through movement for millions of years: collected in our genes we have silent abilities inherited from our ancestors hunters, farmers, fishermen and consequently the immobility to which we are subjected in our day and a completely new and unnatural situation for our organism.
We hoped that with the advent of modernity and thanks to tools that would make our work easier and faster we would have much more time to devote to our ambitions and our families when in reality the opposite happened.

Home workout: with weights or free body
Let’s start by saying that the training stimulus is perceived as physiologically stressful by the body. This is because it requires you to increase performance and consume those energies he cares about so intensely as to push him to create deposits in which to cram it. As for beginners and those who have not practiced sports for a long time, therefore, I recommend that they undergo a preventive specialist medical examination. In order to test your ability to sustain a training program at home without any problems.
Do-it-yourself training performed with dumbbells and barbells requires specific knowledge of the individual exercises. Consequently, the best way to follow is to rely on a professional who explains the best technique and exercises. Another peculiarity of this kind of training is that it is often difficult to understand which are the best loads to use to obtain the results you want to achieve, which is why also in this case the best choice remains to undertake a path with a athletic trainer or a personal trainer who will follow you until you are able to perform a workout at home in maximum safety and with the necessary skills.
As for the so-called ” free body ” natural load training, there are much less risks with regards to the correct technique of execution and you can find on the web many tutorials, even very well studied, which can help you choose the right ones. better exercises showing the correct techniques of execution with much less risk for the joints.

How often do you need to train
The answer to this question depends a lot on the degree of intensity to which you will bring each single session. As well as your resilience and the goal you want to achieve. In principle, the ideal is to always train every other day . Resting the day after the effort with the aim of allowing aadequate physiological recovery necessary for the activation of those adaptation processes that will lead to long-term results.
Training must be seen as a stimulus to growth that occurs during the rest and adaptation phase. Following exactly those physiological mechanisms of overcompensation that occur for example when we go to the beach for the first time and want a nice golden tan.
If we were already from the first day under the sun without protection for several hours with the hope of getting a tan immediately, our skin would later remind us that ours was not exactly a choice of the wisest. Anyone who has trained without brakes despite coming from a period of prolonged inactivity will understand very well what I mean. Still remembering that burning sensation and muscle stiffness that accompanied him for the following days.
The best type of training at home is the one that will lead us to achieve actual results without thinking about it from a physical and mental point of view. By going to us on the contrary, you benefit from both points of view and by giving us habits that will later be easy to maintain.

What equipment do we need
Based on the goal I want to achieve, my physical preparation and my level of experience, I will have a wide choice of equipment that I can buy, both in specialized stores and through online sales and shipping sites.
The best choice for the beginner is to start with bodyweight exercises, which require a truly negligible investment. A padded mat for floor exercises, a Swiss ball (diameter 55 cm for people with a height of up to 170 cm and 65 cm for the tallest), light dumbbells or weighted anklets and wrists will be enough to increase the training stimulus once you have mastered the movements. For those who are already able or want to learn, I recommend the purchase of a skipping rope . An excellent cardiovascular exercise at low cost and with enormous benefits.
Those who were already at an intermediate and advanced leveland were familiar with dumbbells and the barbell, you will find for sale kits that also include weights and even multifunctional machines with characteristics very similar to those that can be found in fitness centers.
My advice is to direct the research on specific machines for home training , of good quality. Although initially they may seem more expensive, they have materials and structures that will allow them to be used for a very long time and in maximum safety. The same goes even more with regards to treadmills. It is essential to choose those that ensure excellent cushioning in order to avoid damage to the joints of the lower limbs and back.

How to start training at home
As for the first steps to take, beginners will find many tutorials and exercise programs on the internet to draw on for free. In addition to very well-made Apps that follow the user on the path to the desired goal. Generally the requests that I receive most frequently from my clients are related to the increase of tone and loss of excess fat , to the strengthening and increase of muscle mass . But also in the improvement of dysfunctional posture .
In this regard and, taking into account the fact that we are going through a period of forced isolation, I have created a free seminar visible on my Facebook page to explain how to deal with these three training needs while staying at home and using only bodyweight exercises.
In this case, to reach an excellent state of form the following are sufficient:
1. Three weekly workouts interspersed with a recovery day.
2. Exercises carried out until reaching a state of medium-high perceived fatigue .
3. Sessions lasting up to 60 minutes .
Regarding the intermediate and advanced subjectsthe ideal solution is to contact a professional in the sector who can implement a physical anamnesis and a subsequent training program based on individual needs and on the equipment available at home, later adapting the tables when you encounter stalls in the results .

In conclusion
These are the decidedly more far-sighted and less costly choices from every point of view. Remember that you can get tremendous results from training at home . The important thing is to follow realistic plans from the point of view of personal expectations. But above all, making sure that during the time we have chosen, no distractions from the external environment arrive.
From the point of view of integrationchoices must be directed towards quality phytotherapeutic supplements that help during activity thanks to plant extracts useful for maintaining a certain degree of energy and for recovering quickly after exertion. An ally can be Ginseng Plus from ESI, able to tone and energize the body , strengthening it against physical and mental stress. Furthermore, it is advisable to implement an adequate supply of amino acids and electrolytes in one’s daily diet . For example, through ESI’s GoUp to ensure the highest degree of energy . Finally, a multivitamin must not be missing . Like the Multicomplex lineto make sure we integrate our diet with all the micronutrients necessary to achieve our goals.

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