It has happened to everyone and it happens very often: when you are about to leave for the many long-awaited holidays, here is the dilemma. We have done everything
We have checked gas, electricity, water
And above all, we have closed the door well
Surely starting with the thought of having missed something is not ideal: so here is a list of the 10 things to do before leaving for the holidays . Mark them and leave without stress and without worries. Water, Light and Gas:
Electricity, gas and water can cause damage if left open, as well as unnecessarily consume energy affecting your bill. Before leaving, here are 3 very important things to do:
1) Unplug all electrical appliances and turn off the lightdirectly from the general meter
2) Turn off the gas from the general meter
3) Turn off the water from the main tap in order to avoid leaks. It is also advisable to empty the toilet bowl so that you are absolutely sure that nothing will cause damage in your absence.
Before closing the door permanently behind you, do a check: turn on the switches to make sure that they are not working due to a power failure, start a stove to check that no gas is coming out and turn on a tap to test the water closing. If everything is ok, you can leave absolutely calm! Refrigerator, dishwasher, floors and cupboards:
Appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators deserve special attention, especially if you decide to turn off the power completely in your absence. Fridge and freezer : the days immediately before your departure, consume all the foods in the fridge and freezer, avoiding buying new ones. In the evening (or in the morning, depending on the time of departure) empty all the shelves and dry them thoroughly. Also rinse the fruit / vegetable tray and defrost the freezer. Dishwasher : Unplug the dishwasher from the electrical outlet and make sure there is nothing left inside. If necessary and your appliance has this function, start a self-cleaning in order to eliminate all food residues that could go bad.Handouts : consume the products that are close to expiration and close the open packages well. Pasta, flour and rice could be prey to the “butterflies” of the pantries and, upon your return, you may find many unwanted guests. Floor : a sweep is a must before leaving to avoid leaving crumbs that could cause infestations by ants, cockroaches and bedbugs. Garbage, windows, doors:
Before leaving, throw out all, really, all the garbage . Whether it is organic, paper, glass, it doesn’t matter, nobody wants to end up with bad smells and insects because of this forgetfulness. Windows : You have closed all windows
Well, before you leave, make sure everything is well sealed and with the shutters down. Same goes for the balconies and verandas. Door : and here we are at one of the most common doubts: “I have closed the door well”
Make sure you give all the throws of all the locks present. And you can leave quietly. Other useful tips:
So far we have seen 10 things to do before leaving for the holidays , but I would like to give you some other final advice.

  • If you have plants , make sure someone does you a favor by watering them in your absence, or use this system to automatically water the seedlings in your home.
  • Give a spare set of keys to a trusted person and leave any contact details of the condominium administrator or that of the place where you will stay
  • Assign a trusted friend / relative to collect their mail every 3-4 days
  • If you have one, activate your home ‘s burglar alarm or security system
  • Collect the hanging clothes and make sure nothing remains on the clothes lines on the balcony or window.
  • Cover the bed and sofa well so they don’t get dust.
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