What did Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron say and what they established on the web tax that was planned by France to hit the US giants
AND a truce between the US and France. The French president, Emmanuel Macron, and the American president, Donald Trump, agreed on a “ceasefire” until the end of the year in a telephone conversation on Sunday evening. France made concessions to avoid Washington imposing tariffs and starting a transatlantic trade war. Let’s go step by step. THE MACRON TWEET
In a tweet on Monday, Macron said he had a “fruitful discussion” with US President Donald Trump to resolve the Web Tax issue. “We will work together on a good agreement to avoid tariff escalation,” said the French president.
Great discussion with @realDonaldTrump on digital tax. We will work together on a good agreement to avoid tariff escalation.
– Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron) January 20, 2020
The Tweet was also re-shared by Trump, who commented with an “Excellent”.
https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1219420903047479297 TRUCE
The phone call, in fact, has borne fruit: the two parties have agreed to talk about Digital Tax to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in order to find a common agreement. Pending, Trump does not impose tariffs on French products.
Trump spoke to Macron, the White House writes in a statement, and the two “agreed that it is important to successfully complete negotiations on the digital services tax.” FRANCE COMFORTABLE WITH THE US
France, to keep Trump’s hot spirits at bay, has made “a certain number” of concessions, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire told live in a television broadcast, adding: “We are ready to take some steps in the direction of the United States”.
“I won’t hide that this is very difficult. It is one of the most difficult negotiations I have conducted. And far from won, ”said the minister, who in recent months has had intense discussions with the US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. FRENCH CONCESSIONS
France has promised to suspend all payments of the Digital tax approved in recent months, pending an agreement on the digital tax regime within the OECD. THE FRENCH DIGITAL TAX
Paris has introduced a 3% tax rate on the revenue of technology companies in France from activities such as targeted advertising and management of electronic commerce platforms. USA: DISCRIMINATORY TAX
The digital tax, however, does not appeal to the United States, which claims that the tax “unfairly” discriminates against US technology companies, including Google and Amazon. As a result, Washington has threatened to impose tariffs on $ 2.4 billion of French assets as early as this month should Paris not back down. THE PREVIOUS
The agreement will come. Difficult to say, it is not the first time that a shared solution has been sought. As the Financial Times recalls, in fact, France and the United States have been engaged in talks led by the OECD to give life to global rules for digital taxation. The Trump administration, however, has opposed some aspects of the possible agreement, arguing that any commitment by US companies should be voluntary rather mandatory.
“The voluntary option is absolutely useless,” said an official from the French finance ministry. DUTIES ALSO FOR ITALY
Meanwhile, while France and the US sign the truce, new threats are coming against Italy and the United Kingdom, which are adopting digital tax plans similar to those of Paris. If Italy and the UK introduce the web tax, the US will tax their products, Mnuchin warned in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, arguing that Washington will have “similar conversations” to those it had with Paris also with Rome and London. US-EU: TENSIONS IN PROGRESS
The truth, however, is that trade relations between Europe and the United States are already in the balance due to America’s decision to introduce tariffs on European metals, threats to impose punitive measures on auto imports and the decision to proceed with levies. on $ 7.5 billion worth of EU assets in connection with a WTO over the Boeing-Airbus dispute (EU subsidies to Airbus).

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