The hen is not a common motif in dreams, but when it appears, its diversity is wide.
You can dream not only of seeing a hen, chicken eggs, dreaming of taking care of chickens, but also killing them or eating their meat.
Chicken in dreams is often a symbol of home and the relationship between you and your loved ones. Chickens often symbolize community and anything related to social life. Dreaming of a hen
When you see a hen in a dream, that dream can have different meanings, especially depending on the appearance of the hen. Try to remember these details.
It is not the same if, for example, the hen was lean or well fed.
In general, a hen in a dream represents cowardice and lack of willpower, but it can also symbolize positive concepts, such as wealth and happiness.
If you dream of seeing a chicken and you want to understand the meaning of that dream, first think carefully about the relationships you have with the people in your daily life.
If you dream of a fat and well-fed chicken, it is a good sign.
This means that you will be rewarded for your efforts and that is why you will be proud and honored.
People respect you for what you do, admire you and think you are a brave, honest and truly inspiring person.
You have probably done something important for the community. You have dedicated yourself to some kind of humanitarian enterprise and now your efforts have become visible to all.
You are proud of yourself and you definitely deserve respect and appreciation. If you dream of a lean and hungry chicken, this is not a good sign.
The skinny hen symbolizes humiliation and shame.
It is very likely that you will live in an embarrassing situation and because of this you will find yourself in a very embarrassing position.
Someone will accuse you of something you have not done and you will not be able to take revenge and justify yourself because no one will believe you.
You are surrounded by lies and you have to find a way out of such a poisonous environment. The people around you don’t trust you, even if they are all false accusations. Dreaming of chicken eggs.Dreams of chicken
eggs are good. Eggs represent new beginnings, new life, rebirth, roots, protection, wisdom, knowledge and so much more.
Think about your current situation and try to connect any symbolic meaning of the egg with your life.
Chicken eggs, if they are whole, represent ideas that have yet to be discovered.
This dream indicates that some things need time to get in order, so maybe you should wait a little longer.
You have great ideas and projects, but be patient, take care of them and wait for the right moment. Dreaming that a hen is on the eggs
If you dream that a hen is on the eggs, it is also a sign that heralds happiness.
This means that you will be successful in your love life, leading to finding the perfect partner and starting a new chapter in your life together.
Dreams about a hen laying eggs also remind us that you need patience in life, especially when it comes to family, mutual happiness, general and material well-being.
You need to evaluate every step you take and trust the people who support you.
Always maintain your relationships with those closest to the strong and be filled with mutual understanding, care, kindness and love. Dreaming of a hen with chicks
If you dream of a hen with chicks, it is usually a good sign, especially if the animals are beautiful, healthy and calm.
This dream usually symbolizes a wedding or similar happy event that celebrates the sanctity and beauty of love and life.
This dream means that someone you are really close to will soon get married or have children, or the symbolism may be related to you.
Even if you don’t think about it, the dream suggests that you will probably meet your future life partner.
If you are in a relationship and your partner and are planning or thinking about spending the rest of your life together, this dream is a reflection of all of these ideas.
It is also a good sign and indicates that your relationship is strong and stable.
This dream can also mean that you will soon have children and that they will be healthy, happy and satisfied with the life you will give them.
If you are planning for children, relax in your future plans and all your worries, for a chicken with hens is a happy sign for all family related ideas. Dreaming of a dead hen
The dreams of a dead hen are negative. If you dream of a dead hen, it means that you have lost control of your life.
It means that you are under the deep and strong influence of someone around you. Don’t think with your head and you lack self-esteem.
People with selfish intentions see it and use it simply for their own good.
Someone has no good intentions towards you and that person too could be someone who just likes to hurt others, to make that person look good.
Eventually everyone will see it, but that doesn’t mean you should let him or her hurt you. You have to be careful when you open up to someone.
Think carefully and pay attention to what you say and to whom.
Obviously there are people who support you and who are good, but there are also the masked ones. Don’t act stupid and don’t accept all offers without thinking about it.
This dream reflects your frustration that you are feeling helpless and weak.
You may also be aware of the person or even more people who are manipulating you, but you are not defending yourself and you are not protecting yourself because you lack courage and self-esteem.
In the end, you feel like a coward and are really angry with yourself. This helplessness is symbolically represented as a dead hen in your dreams. Dreaming of a hen pecking a grain
Seeing a hen pecking grass and looking for seeds or worms, or pecking a grain, is often interpreted positively in the world of dreams.
It is a sign that you may experience great prosperity or good luck in the near future.
In addition to wealth and material possessions, this symbol is also associated with good health, close relationships and tranquility that would last a long time in the future.
This situation would allow you to relax and enjoy life to the fullest. Dreaming of killing a hen
Dreams of killing a hen have different meanings. If you dream of killing a chicken, this dream can symbolize your need and willingness to defeat your cowardly side.
You have finally gotten to the point where you are no longer able to tolerate others controlling and manipulating you. You really want to put your life back in your hands and do things your way.
In this sense, dreams of killing a chicken are positive. However, this dream could also suggest that you are destroying the good things in your life, due to your deep insecurities.
You would rather end a relationship with a loved one, rather than risk being emotionally hurt by an imaginary situation, which you don’t even know if it will happen or not.
You are angry with yourself and feel like you should be punished for such thoughts. Think about the consequences, if you push all people away from you, you will definitely feel miserable in the end.
Think a little about what adorns your life and not just the negativity that the future could bring you. Dreaming of a hen running free
Seeing a hen running freely in a dream has the same meaning as the phrase “Running like a headless fly”.
In a sense, this vision predicts that the dreamer will become very busy or worried about the arrival of someone who has been away for a long time.
It could be a family member who is sleeping or staying in your home for a few months, or a friend who needs help getting back on their feet.
Fulfilling their wants and needs would take a long time. Dreaming of buying a hen
Buying chickens in a dream, at the supermarket, at the market or directly from the villagers, is considered a positive symbol.
This dream suggests that you will live a carefree and joyful lifestyle and you will be blessed with various little surprises and pleasures throughout your life.
This favorable atmosphere and its effects will likely extend to your closest family or life partners. Dreaming of a flying hen
Seeing a flying hen can be interpreted as a warning when seen in a dream.
He often discovers that the dreamer’s recent activity makes him invest too much energy and time in many activities and in the end he remains exhausted and spent.
If you see this image in a dream, you may already feel the negative effects caused by too much work you do in a short period of time.
It might be a good idea to prioritize your duties and responsibilities so that you can keep finishing things up, instead of being forced to give up everything. Dreaming of eating chicken
If you dream of eating chicken, that’s fine. This dream is a happy and positive sign for your near future.
This means that your life will soon improve, especially in terms of your financial situation and finances.
This dream is telling you to relax and enjoy life, and not to have to be on the go all the time.
What you have done so far will definitely pay off, so you should slow down a bit, so you can really see and enjoy the positive results.
The dream in which you eat chicken symbolizes successful business projects and prospects.
On the other hand, the dreams of consuming chicken could be related to your emotional life. It is also a happy sign and means that you will feel satisfied and good about yourself.
If you see the prepared chicken in a dream, it means that you will probably receive good news, you will have a pleasant situation, you will receive extra money and, most importantly, you will be very healthy.
Watching chicken is always a good and positive thing, so you should relax and not worry about this dream.
Dreams of consuming chicken are not as common as other dreams, but they certainly herald happiness. Dreaming of a hen in a nest
Seeing a hen sitting in the nest is a positive symbol that you should pay attention to in your dreams. This symbol is especially important for couples, partners and married people.
This sign predicts that the difficulties and sufferings in the relationship, after many struggles and efforts, will suddenly be completely resolved and ended.
This could restore balance and harmony in the partnership, once again, allowing happiness and contentment to flourish.
In the case of single people or unmarried individuals, the same picture can predict a recent meeting and marriage with someone who would bring them much joy.

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