Diseases that dogs can detect by their sense of smell

Diseases that dogs can detect by their sense of smell

Many dogs save lives with the simple gesture of sniffing a person and realizing that something is wrong. A dog senses that something bad is happening to the baby of the family and saves his life. Most popular Russian dog breeds. The long-eared nightjar, the bird that looks like a dragon. This is the dog with the longest snout in the world.
A yawning baby.

Why do we yawn Redaccion

one of the greatest benefits of breastfeeding. These are the different types of flow and what they tell you about your health.
Application of hydroalcoholic gel on the fingertips

┬┐Water and soap or hydroalcoholic gel
Keys for a good use

Recommendations for a safe use of hydroalcoholic gel. Not all hydroalcoholic gels protect from coronavirus.
Doctors Fernandez de Alba and Arrebola, best allergist and cardiologist in Spain according to Doctoralia Awards.

Two specialists from HLA Inmaculada, best cardiologist and allergist in Spain according to Doctoralia Awards

Dr. Isabel Fernandez de Alba has been named, for the second consecutive year, as the best allergist and Dr. Antonio Arrebola, the best valued cardiologist. Both professionals have extensive experience and develop their professional careers at the HLA Group hospital in Granada.
What is Noe’s Syndrome: the compulsive hoarding of animals

What is Noe’s Syndrome: the compulsive hoarding of animals

There are people who could have this disorder and not realize it. This is why your dog stares at you when he poops. They thought they had rescued a normal cat until its fur changed. A Maine Coon becomes famous thanks to its enormous size. The best dog breeds that help fight depression.
Editorial cafe ‘Management of COVID in Andalusia’
The participants moments before the colloquium breakfast held recently.

Learnings after two years facing the pandemic

Ramiro Navarro
Covid-19 has been a shock in health management. Managers, experts from different specialties and the pharmaceutical industry claim the contribution of Spanish research and believe that cooperation between different levels and sectors is essential.
Evidence has recently been found of the relationship between ALS and mononucleosis.

ALS: what is it and what are its symptoms

In Andalusia, around 90 new cases of this incurable disease are diagnosed each year, which ends up preventing basic human actions such as speaking, walking, breathing or eating. They determine for the first time the structure of the molecule associated with ALS. .
Several doctors carry out a transplant

Can xenotransplantation solve the shortage of human organs

Lluis Montoliu, biotechnologist, expert in gene editing and president of the Ethics Committee of the Higher Council for Scientific Research, answers ten unknowns -scientific and ethical- about the challenges of transplants from animals after the US milestone. A pig’s heart is successfully transplanted into a man in the United States.
Emilio Jose Garcia Nunez, new managing director of the Hospital San Juan de Dios del Aljarafe.

Emilio Jose Garcia Nunez, new managing director of the Hospital San Juan de Dios del Aljarafe

Until now he had been managing director of the Bajo Guadalquivir Public Business Agency.
It is good to work out some schedules to play sports.

Steps to get into the habit of doing sports

The start of a new year has arrived and, together with it, all the resolutions that we want to achieve throughout its twelve months. These are the sports that burn the most calories. Foods to lose abdominal fat and have a flat stomach.

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