Taking off your shoes before entering the house is a good habit adopted in many countries, especially in the East and Scandinavia. But for several years it has been a custom that has also spread in Italy: leaving your shoes outside the door is becoming a particularly popular custom. When it comes to asking guests to take off their shoes, however, it’s a ballgame.
You can do it without being rude
Well yes, you just need to have the right precautions . Why take your shoes off at home
Let’s face it: walking around the house without shoesand a unique pleasure, especially if we come from a long day at work. Whether it’s using slippers, a pair of socks or even going barefoot, it is a habit that soon cannot be done without. But there are also many other benefits, especially from a hygienic and health point of view. Let’s see what are the reasons to take into consideration.
Taking off your shoes in front of the front door (or at the entrance) allows you not to dirty the floors and thus shortens cleaning times, it also helps to have carpets always in order and to ruin them to a much lesser extent – especially if we think about how the heels can affect the fibers of the fabrics. Furthermore, the soles of shoes are a real receptacle for germs, potentially harmful bacteria and viruses.
Several studies have analyzed samples from different soles, and the results leave no doubt: after a common use of shoes (therefore walking on pavements and floors of public places, means of transport and roads), they can be found from Escherichia coli to Clostridium difficile , responsible for many pathologies. It is important to pay attention to these microorganisms, especially if you have children at home – we know well how they usually carry anything that passes under their hands to their mouth, no matter if it has been on the ground. No shoes in the house, the etiquette for guests
We have seen how taking off shoes at home is a choice that has many advantages, but you can ask those who come to visit you to do the same
Although the etiquette absolutely does not take this hypothesis into consideration, it is possible to invite your guests to leave their shoes outside. home without being rude. The important thing is to respect some very specific rules and leave nothing to chance.
First of all, it is good to warn in advance of the habit of taking off shoes: it is essential attention to allow guests to feel at ease – and to avoid embarrassing moments like an unexpected sock with holes peeping at your friend’s feet.
It is then necessary to set up a small space where guests can sit comfortably to remove their shoes: a bench or a small stool can be elegant solutions , which can also embellish the entrance.
Finally, we must equip ourselves with nice and gracious slippers to lend to guests : you can choose from many models, from the most colorful to those with fun designs. The important thing is that you opt for easily washable footwear, so that you can reuse them in complete safety. Let’s see some that will drive you crazy.
The set of 6 pairs of brightly colored slippers is ideal to keep at home, always ready when needed. The numbers range from 34 to 45, for all needs.
DiMio slippers
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The ONVAYA slippers, available in the “Home” version , are very nice and comfortably washable at 30 °. The set contains 6 pairs.
ONVAYA slippers Felt slippers
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The most romantic version with flowers and characterized by autumnal colors that make these slippers a must have for those who do not like shoes at home.
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Seedforce slippers are declined invarious shades of gray , including the storage bag.
The LEVIVO slipper set contains 6 pairs of unisex brightly colored slippers, in a convenient bag that can be easily hung on the wall.
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