It is a little known product and it is a real shame because Emu oil is very rich in anti-aging and anti-inflammatory substances. Among the many benefits it brings, we mention one that will appeal to most over 50s: it allows hair regrowth, skin rejuvenation and reduces inflammation. Our grandparents used extra virgin olive oil to have strong and healthy hair, while the Asian populations mostly relied on coconut or sesame oil. Two ingredients that are very popular even in the West today. The most unknown at the moment is emu oil, a 100% natural product that comes from Australia. Here are all his virtues. Because the hair becomes finer and falls out
As is well known, hair loss is decidedly higher in males. The fault, as is easily understood, is DHT or dihydro testosterone. As the name suggests, this substance is directly related to testosterone. In fact, nothing more than an altered form. A high percentage of DHT reduces the nourishment of the hair, makes it thinner and weaker, even losing it completely. When testosterone, at the level of the follicles, meets the 5 Alpha reductase enzyme, a new substance is created, called DHT. This substance is also found in the sebaceous glands and can also have a negative role on our skin. Emu oil, against hair loss and DHT
Emu oil is obtained from the Australian bird of the same name and recent studies seem to indicate it as a cure for a large variety of ailments. But also in cosmetics it seems to have enjoyed great success, especially as an anti-wrinkle and anti-baldness. The peculiarity of this oil is to penetrate deeply both at the skin level and at the hair follicle. It increases oxygenation and blood supply, thickening the skin by up to 14% and strengthening the hair to prevent it from falling out. Emu oil is also considered a DHT blocker. Emu oil, anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating
According to recent research, Emu oil is said to be a powerful anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating agent for both skin and hair. From the results of a study conducted by the Boston University School of Medicine, it emerged that Emu oil is able to awaken the hair follicles that are in a sort of coma in 80% of cases. In a short time there is therefore a regrowth of the hair and its strengthening. What Emu oil contains Emu
oil is very rich in essential Omega fatty acids, linoleic and oleic acids, antioxidant and anti-aging substances. Orally
Emu oil can also be used orally: 1-2 teaspoons a day have been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, intestinal inflammation and symptoms related to Crohn’s disease. In combination with topical use it also reduces arthritis, dermatitis, eczema, itching and skin allergies. Against damage from chemotherapy and intestinal inflammation
A study conducted by the University of Adelaide and published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, highlighted how Emu oil stimulates the growth of the intestinal crypts, or the part of the intestine responsible for the generation of villi – essential for the absorption of nutrients deriving from food. This virtue seems to be indispensable both in cases of intestinal inflammation and in damage caused by chemotherapy. Emu oil: how to use it
For best results it should be applied at least once a day on the scalp. If it is a serious ailment, oil supplements can also be taken orally. The results are appreciable within two to three months depending on the severity of the disorder. The same method can be used to reduce wrinkles and prevent skin thinning due to age and sun exposure.

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