Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the fourth film in the successful series about the most famous wizard in the world. Released in theaters in 2005 and, more than any other, the adaptation that got the most licenses from the book of the same name . Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is released in theaters in 2005 under the direction of Mike Newell, an adaptation that, unlike the previous episodes , takes too many licenses from Rowling’s novel. The news
This is because a lot of things happen in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, new characters are presented but the film, while running, forgets on the street several things that seem unimportant but which, in hindsight, explain different future dynamics. It is therefore essential to discover the differences between book and film. The Riddle villa
The book, as well as the film, opens on the Riddle villa but the film does not tell its story or that of its former inhabitants. We are immediately introduced to the old guardian Frank who, for the new owners, takes care of the abandoned house. We see Coda Liscia, Voldemort and a new character: Barty Crouch Junior. The scar
The next scene from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire shows us a sore Harry, his scar hurts just from dreaming of Voldemort. He wakes up in Privet Drive and not in the Burrow, as the film shows us, which he will only reach later. The Weasleys and the Dursleys
One of the cut scenes in the film is certainly the meeting between the Weasleys, who came to take Harry for the Quidditch World Cup, and the Dursleys. A comic scene: the wizards will have problems with the underground powder and Dudley tastes a very special candy that will cause him strange effects. Billy and Charlie
In the Burrow, Harry meets Ron’s older brothers: Billy and Charlie, who are not mentioned in the film and in this living room the Weasley Smashing project is presented for the first time and only then will they go to the Quidditch World Cup. . The Quidditch World Cup
The Quidditch World Cup is a very important event even if it does not seem to have all that importance in the film. Everything flows so quickly that we are not presented with one of the best Quidditch games told in the books. Ludovic Bagman is introduced to us right now, he will not appear in the film and yet he is one of the key characters in the organization of the Three Wizards Tournament who turns out to have been, in the past, a Death Eater. The Black Mark
The Dark Mark is recalled by Harry’s wand which Winki, the house elf of Bartemius Crouch, has taken possession of, all dynamics and characters absent from the transposition. We are introduced to the Veela, beautiful women who take particular traits in moments of danger. Hogwarts
The arrival of the other schools does not happen immediately, there is a whole uproar that anticipates the guests who arrive only at the end of October, in the book. Mad Eye Moody
Among the new characters that are introduced to us in the Harry Potter book and the Goblet of Fire, a very special mention is dedicated to Mad-Eye Moody. In the film he is presented with a robotic leg and stick, in the book he has a wooden leg but, all in all, the transposition is faithful and well done. In the first lesson he presents the curses without forgiveness but certainly does not laugh when he confronts the Imperio, as Junior knows very well this spell he was a victim of at the hands of his father. THE CRACK
The association for the defense of the rights of the house elves, the CREPA, and the idea of ​​Hermione to protect the elves who live and work in the castle. There is no hint of this initiation in the kitchen of Hogwarts or Dobby who in the film, even in future films, will be replaced by other characters. Harry at the Three Wizards Tournament Harry
‘s entry into the tournament transforms Dumbledore and in the film we see a man who is far too energetic compared to the book’s principal. A Dumbledore so different that he is the endless source of thousands of memes. The weight of the wand is not shown with Ollivander it is mentioned to Gregorovich, of whom we will know much more in the books and in the following films. Rita Skeeter
A character much more present in the book than in the transposition, who will fail to create turmoil not only between Harry, Ermione and Krum but also for Hagrid, whose fact he will reveal the fact that he is half giant. The Care of Magical Creatures professor will receive several threatening letters for this. It turns out only at the end that he is an animagus not registered with the Ministry, capable of transforming himself into a beetle and stealing all the secrets of the castle. The first and second tests
The first and second tests are very similar to the book. In the first, however, there is no escape and chase of the dragon and in the second, the gill algae is a gift from Dobby and not Neville. The Yule Ball
The atmosphere recreated in the film, as well as the costumes, except for Ermione’s dress which is blue and not pink, are perfect. In the book there is no dance scene between Ron and McGonagall but it is not a flaw, on the contrary, it is an extraordinary and very funny moment. Percy and Bartrmius Crouch
Percy, now an employee of the Ministry, will be much more present in the book than in the film where he will replace Crouch, according to all ill, in the rehearsals of the Tournament. Crouch will also appear on Harry’s Marauder Map at night and cause quite a mess between him, Moody and Snape, not mentioned in the film. Truffle
Sirius is not gone, as we are led to believe in the film. Wandering around the village near the castle in the form of a dog, he takes refuge in a hideout with Buckbeak and tries to communicate with Harry in every way. The boys bring him food and call him Tartuffe among themselves. All elements not present in the film and always in the book and Sirius to tell the sad story of the Crouch family. The Pensieve The pensieve
scene in the film shows an Igor Karkaroff ready to denounce his comrades. In the book he will reveal the names of Crouch Junior and other Death Eaters such as the Lestranges, only in the second court meeting. The third test
The third proof is not at all faithful to the one told in the books. In fact, Harry is faced with more than one challenge in the labyrinth: including the Dementors and the Sphinx. Between him and Cedric there is not all this rivalry, but a collaboration that was noticed at the beginning. The duel between Harry and Voldemort
In the book Harry and Voldemort would rise as their wands intersected. Harry manages to escape and is dragged by Moody / Crouch into his study and where Crouch’s son is discovered. Miraculously escaped, thanks to his father, from Azkaban, enlisted by Voldemort who held his father in his hand. It was up to him to become Moody and to put his hand to Harry’s tests to get him to the fight that would bring him back to life.The Unmasking of Crouch Junior
In the book Harry, after Cedric’s death, is transported to the infirmary where he receives the maternal embrace of Mrs. Weasley, Sirius and the Minister who does not believe in the return of the Dark Lord. Dumbledore will mediate between Snape and Harry’s godfather and this will lay the groundwork for the restoration of the Order of the Phoenix. The
Thousand Galleons Prize, a prize for winning the Tournament, Harry will give them to the Weasley brothers for the opening of their shop, a significant gesture not mentioned in the film and subsequent films.
The advice to read the book, never as in this case, and to be recommended to all those who have not done so because these are really just some of the differences of a novel that is truly fundamental for the entire saga.

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