Christmas is synonymous with indigestion and a hangover . The latter can be combated in a thousand ways but, obviously, none is effective . many put their faith in aspirin, others in eating huge amounts of carbohydrates and a large majority choose not to stop drinking during all the holidays and thus delay it as long as possible. Between kilos and glasses of more , the reality is that Christmas should be enjoyed in moderation and this year complying strictly with the sanitary measures to be able to enjoy more celebrations.
In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, a devastating economy and not even the refund in the Christmas Lottery, it is normal for people to fix their sentences based on long drinks and shortbread. This solution will bring very negative consequences for the body and days like Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve will make the following morning synonymous with general malaise .

Home remedies to overcome a hangover

As has been said before, the question lies in avoiding excesses and, even so, if the hangover enters by right, there will be no home remedy or miracle to avoid it. Anyway, here are some tips and practicesthat can make headaches, tremors and the feeling that the Lord is leading us more bearable:

Do not turn water into wine.If the hangover has already taken over your being, the ideal is that you hydrate yourself in the best possible way . Remember that, although a beer in the morning feels good, the next day you will have to suffer the accumulated.

Try to sleep as much as possible.When you drink, you usually stay up late. For this reason, it is essential to recover the hours of sleep so that the body recovers from all the effort involved in digesting such an amount of alcohol.

Vitamin C, the best medicine.This type of vitamin is perfect for fighting a hangover as it contains antioxidant properties, whichThey help fight free radicals that are released when our body is “detoxifying”.

The famous vitamin B12.many will have heard of drugs like Benadon for hangovers. This vitamin helps but if we take more measures like those mentioned above.

To eat like animals.Absolut mistake. People arrive eagerly and gobble up everything in their path, especially if it is junk food. This habit makes us feel even heavier and we gain more kilos than cups lost.

Sport and a good shower.Sport, always in moderation, is the best option to sweat alcoholwhat is in our body. After your practice, a good shower will relieve tiredness, hangover and help relax body and mind .

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