You are looking for original ideas to embellish the rooms of your home
What do you think about using beautiful handmade candles
These small objects are ideal for giving a touch of unique style to spaces and making them more fragrant. You will be able to create unique atmospheres with these small furnishing accessories, thanks to their brightness, capable of establishing a new harmony and making the house more elegant.
How to do
it First of all, decide what type of lighting you want to create for a specific environment and if you want, you can use candles, even just as a decorative object, without having to light and consume them. Then you just have to choose the shape and decorations that best reflect your tastes and your personality.
With handcrafted candles it takes very little to create a welcoming and fragrant atmosphere, capable of giving the body and mind a moment of pure relaxation. Handmade candles come in several variations, but only one will strike your senses.
Look for example at the handmade candles made by , think about your style and combine them to create wonderful compositions. How to embellish your home and enhance special moments With artistic candles you can create a truly magical effect. For example, arrange them along a path, alternate with lanterns and rose petals and accompany your sweet destination along this path, until you reach the table.
What more romantic moment than a dinner full of pampering by candlelight
To obtain an intimate and complete atmosphere, you can use handmade candles as a centerpiece, preferably in the shape of flowers and with a delicate scent. A welcoming environment gives the right relaxation to the mind. Embellishing a room with special candles means enriching its appearance and making it much more pleasant. So, what do you think of making the bathroom cozy too?
As if you were a princess, you can relax in the tub at the end of the day, surrounded by the scent of the candles placed on the edge.
The bathroom is an intimate environment, which is why it is important that it reflects your style more, because this intimate relationship is able to transmit psycho-physical well-being. In short, with some creative ideas you can create a real SPA at home. Express your creativity with handmade candle arrangements
We have seen how important candles are, these are ideal objects to give vent to your creativity. For example, you want to embellish a set table.
You just have to combine candles with brilliant stones and dried flowers.
Combining different candles together really stimulates the imagination, combining them by color, shape or perfume, you can get admirable results.
Aesthetic appearance, plays of light and scents are the elements that will help you make your home more precious and welcoming. You don’t like the sober style, you find it almost monotonous, then you just have to find candles decorated with precision.
You don’t know how to enrich your living room.
Arrange lanterns near the sofa and create mysterious plays of light. The shelves seem empty to you
. Use them to create a subdued brightness. And this is precisely the beauty of candles, the play of light you can create.
The books and the picture frames seem monotonous to you
Combine small plants to give a touch of freshness and combine an artistic candle, to enrich the aesthetic aspect of the wall, or create a composition made of candles, lanterns, stones and flowers, to give another aspect to that dark corner of the home.
You like to be original, to show all your personality, then even the bedside table in the bedroom can have its reason. As you can see, creativity is everywhere, you just need to give it a way to express itself.

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