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For best results, use a browser that accepts cookies. In some lenses, so-called prism ballast is incorporated, which is supposed to prevent the lens from rotating in the eye. Also, the bottom edge of the lens is slightly thickened, it can slip if you blink hard and obstruct your view. Allergic reactions to dyes used in colored lenses can never be ruled out and can manifest in tears, burning and itchy eyes. If you have such intolerances, it’s best to avoid colored lenses. If you notice any eye redness, itching or scratching of the eyeball, remove your lenses and stop wearing them.

If symptoms persist for more than a day, consult an ophthalmologist. However, there may be significant delays when delivering via DHL Standard Shipping. The kaufDA magazine provides daily information on current and exciting topics in the retail industry. Among other things, current brochures, studies and new products are presented. As a leading provider of digital brochures, kaufDA draws on extensive expert knowledge in its magazine for its reports.

An evil witch not only needs flowing black robes, but also, ideally, poisonous green eyes. A vampire, on the other hand, must have red, even bloodshot eyes, in addition to his long fangs and a black cloak. And a zombie definitely can’t be up to something without completely white eyes. In principle, creativity has no limits.

If you are a fan of the comics and you are enthusiastic about the “Dark Knight”, the “Bat Crusader” variant with the iconic bat symbol is recommended. The “Split Eyes” version is particularly creative, as it gives the impression that the eyes are splitting. The possibilities for your style and your costume for Halloween are really diverse. But there are also reasons for colored contact lenses that go beyond a fashion gimmick. Colored contact lenses are just as harmless as “regular” contact lenses with and without power.

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Halloween colored contact lenses,
prescription and non-prescription

Whether you walk like a scary monster, a witch or a classic zombie, turn to colored lenses and you’ll be able to adjust your eyes quickly and easily. There are colored contact lenses from ColourVUE. Crazy Lenses are lenses specially created to complement wacky and wacky outfits and costumes.

The expression of the eyes underlines our gestures and a single look often reveals more than words could. The appearance of the organs of vision is largely determined by the color of the eyes. Shades like brown are very common, other colors like green are quite rare.

Please check your address carefully, if you are not at home, please attach a note to the doorbell with information on where the delivery person can leave the package. If you want to complete your costume perfectly for Halloween, you can’t avoid colored contact lenses. With them, your monster outfit will not only be more believable, but will also be an eye-catcher at all Halloween themed parties. Colored lenses are also easy to use.

If the package is too big, it will be sent to a post office. You will then have a pickup card in your mailbox with information on where you can pick up the package. Alternatively, you can also check the mail we sent you to see which post office has your package ready for pickup. If you’re not home, you’ll have a notification card in your mailbox telling you where to go 2. You’ll receive an email from us as soon as we’ve shipped your merchandise.

The Crazy Lens by ColourVUE shows in an excellent way just how diverse and surprising the effects can be that you can achieve with colored lenses for Halloween. Contact lenses are available in two basic designs, namely daily lenses and monthly lenses. Both are spherical and are available with and without force. If you are a customer of a DHL Packstation and have a DHL customer card, we will be happy to send the products to the DHL Packstation you specified. You will be informed by email as soon as we have shipped the goods. DHL will notify you as soon as the package has arrived at the packing station.

(The Sofortüberweisung service is free for you as a buyer. The difference applies to any transfer fees that may arise at your home bank.) You can make a transfer online immediately after completing the order, without going to your bank’s website and without having to enter your order details.

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Of course, ColourVUE lenses that have an additional pattern or even symbols on top

of the color change are particularly eye-catching. The “Spider” model, for example, evokes a spider web on the eyeball.

With these Halloween contact lenses you will attract everyone’s attention. Halloween colored contact lenses still manage to amaze and amaze Halloween party goers after all these years. Anyone who has vision problems and therefore wears contact lenses will not be able to do without visual aids, even as a scary monster. That’s why it’s best to wear prescription colored contact lenses for Halloween. These models are also ideal for people who wear glasses if the glasses seem inappropriate for the costume and are annoying.

Opaque contact lenses do not reveal the true color of the eyes. But cheap models quickly look unrealistic. At least up close, it’s usually easy to see that there are colored contact lenses on the eye.

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If you want to dress appropriately for Halloween and cause a stir at a spooky party, you also need to pay attention to detail. Accordingly, the eyes must be adapted to the costume.

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