Witch hats, bright orange pumpkins, cobwebs, bats and skeletons liven up the Halloween party . They color it with terrifying ideas, to create a dark and frightening scenario in the house that is creepy. The decorations for the Halloween party conquer young and old. They are perfect for cheerfully celebrating this special occasion. With cheap materials and a lot of imagination, it is possible to decorate the house for Halloween with DIY . All it takes is a little practice, a little patience and a lot of creativity.
To begin and find inspiration, we can remember when we were children and the fascination that mysterious stories exercised on us, those characteristics of the macabre characters that circulate on the streets during the evening before All Saints.
In the article, we find out how the October 31st Day of the Dead originates and how to decorate the house for Halloween with DIY .
Halloween: Halloween: etymology of the name of the festival of the living dead
The first step to understand the origin of the Halloween recurrence and understand the etymology of the word that indicates the pre-Christian holiday. The macabre celebrations of October 31st are linked to the All Saints Day which falls on November 1st. In fact, the term “Halloween” derives from “All Hallows’ Eve”, that is “the eve of the feast of All Saints”.
The holiday of Halloween is originally linked to the Celtic civilization and coincides with the celebration of Semhain, which corresponds to the Celtic New Year. Therefore, the roots of the anniversary are pre-Christian, but the name by which we know it refers to the Christian tradition of the feast of All Saints. How can I decorate the house for Halloween
The scariest holiday of the year is approaching,How can I decorate the house for Halloween
To answer the question that influences the organization of the daily care of one’s spaces, it is necessary to know the symbolism that characterizes the night of October 31st, when creepy masks pour into the streets and mutant children for an evening they extort sweets with their lovely little voices that declare “trick or treat”.
When a person asks himself “how can I decorate the house for Halloween”, he must first think about which are the most typical and loved costumes to celebrate the occasion. Witches, vampires, zombies, pumpkins, skeletons, bats are regular visitors on Halloween night. So, our homes need to be embellished with DIY Halloween party decorationsthat are well matched to the character of the sinister characters represented by the masks. Decorations for the Halloween party: the pumpkin
Celebrated in Ancient Rome as a commemoration of the dead, the Halloween party was born in the context of Celtic culture and is awaited with eager fervor both in the United States and in England. According to the tradition of South America, on Halloween night the dead return to their homes through an opening. This is why the custom requires that decorations for the Halloween party are made to be exhibited in the different spaces of the houses.
For the night of October 31, tradition also requires an exquisite buffet based on sweets and delicacies to welcome the deceased in the best possible way. The darkness of the night is illuminated by the dim light of the lanterns, which decorate the house and create a suggestive atmosphere, full of mystery.
The protagonist of the night of Halloween is the pumpkin . The custom of decorating the house with pumpkins comes from an Irish legend known as the ” Jack’o’lantern ” story. The carved pumpkin is its symbol, rooted in everyone’s imagination as a characteristic element of the Halloween party.
In the Celtic tradition, the anniversary falls on October 31, when farmers celebrated the harvest wearing masks so as not to be captured by the spirits: to illuminate their path, they lit a carved onion that had the embers of the fire inside. The story of Jack’o’lantern
The legend of Jack’o’lantern tells of Jack, a miserly and drunkard blacksmith who managed to trick the Devil so as not to leave him his soul. When the miser drunkard died, the Devil remembered him and cursed him. I throw a glowing ember at him which Jack placed in a pumpkin to light his path, looking for a place to stay. On Halloween night, Americans light pumpkins outside the door as if to emphasize that there is no place in that house for Jack ‘
This cute pumpkin has become the symbol of the macabre anniversary of October 31st: it is possible to carve real pumpkins, empty them of the pulp and transform them into decorations for the DIY Halloween party . Illuminating them with an internal candle they will become splendid and luminous lanterns to be placed in the garden or on the balcony, keeping faith with the tradition of the Halloween night. Ideas for Halloween: decorations in the shape of a pumpkin
With crepe paper, corks or jars, but above all with a lot of creativity, splendid Halloween decorations in the shape of a pumpkin are made. To reproduce the shape of a funny pumpkin, various lids of the cans of preserves are also enough, which must be painted orange. Old tin caps are transformed into rings, by cutting the upper circular part, everything is fixed with a thread of string and in the middle of the fragrant vanilla wands complete the decorations for the DIY Halloween party.
Packaged thanks to its artistic flair and its craftsmanship, this fabulous centerpiece is positioned in the center of the buffet, lying on various strips of tulle in orange and black. The effect is guaranteed. The sheets of paper in light orange alternating with shades of dark orange, cut vertically, form many strips that joined together by means of small holes through which a string passes, will give life to a facsimile of pumpkin. Numerous colored zucchini tied to a thread of string will become gloomy and enchanting festoons, to be fixed to a wall of the living room or at the entrance to the house. In this way, guests will be greeted by a very special Halloween decoration. Creative and easy to make DIY Halloween party decorations
To celebrate the occasion of Halloween in a big way, what could be better than to create unique and exclusive decorations for the Halloween party with your own hands
Before starting the celebrations, it is advisable to take care of the entrance of home, which introduces a gloomy and impressive atmosphere.
So let ‘s see how to decorate the front door for Halloween and how to decorate the entrance to welcome the little monsters who tell us “trick or treat
“. How to decorate the front door for Halloween
The question “how to decorate the front door for Halloween” could be answered in a thousand ways. There are many possibilities to make the entrance to our apartment or house mysterious and gloomy. Just unleash the reins of the imagination and ideas for Halloween and the decorations that best suit your tastes take shape in the mind and materialize in the material.
So to get to the point, how to decorate the front door for Halloween
The door of a house is the first element that presents itself to the eyes of visitors. For those who seek us and are not expected, it represents a barrier: the closed door keeps them out of our private space and requires that they ask permission to enter with the ringing of the intercom or a bell.The Candy Craving Monsters Knocking on the Door
We know we are being searched for by little candy hungry monsters. American and European children and adolescents dress up as the undead. There are those who sport a skeleton rich in detail and a little stiff, artfully painted on a pitch black tunic. Others wear a gloomy wide-brimmed pint hat that recalls the features and powers of witches and sorcerers.
These enthusiastic visitors eager for cookies, candies, chocolates and excitement must be welcomed. Their fun depends on the good interpretation of the typical themes of the occasion through the decorations for the DIY Halloween party . Hence, the answer to the question “How to decorate the front door for Halloween “is of some importance.
The door is just the beginning. The chills continue inside the house. Wreaths, snakes and spiders repellent
To give some ideas on how to decorate the front door for Halloween , we suggest two timeless classics among the macabre decorations of the living dead. Easy to make, a creepy wreath hanging on the front door leaves guests breathless and catapulted them into the spirit of the anniversary of October 31st. Plastic snakes and twigs to paint in black they decorate in a dark way a circular steel support padded and twisted with a strictly black ribbon.
Spiders and cobwebs visit regularly during the Halloween festivities. The first area of ​​their competence is the surface of the entrance door. A door covered with the hairy white of the cobwebs that contrasts with the black of the arachnids made especially among the decorations for the DIY Halloween party . How to decorate the entrance of the house for Halloween
As soon as you enter the house, a splendid tree branch fixed to the wall or placed in a corner of the house will be embellished with many black bats, which can be purchased already packaged in plastic or by opting for a creative DIY , shaping a black card and reproducing the nice creature of the night.
Little witches, bats and monsters that amuse adults and frighten children decorate the house, but they also have a meaning in the Halloween party . In particular, the Halloween bat is linked to death and witchcraft. The bat inhabits a dark cave and flies only at night. In the past he was considered a demon: his blood was used to prepare terrifying magical potions. It is no coincidence that this mysterious bird was chosen to make DIY Halloween party decorations . To continue the decorations at home, there are many ideas for Halloween and decorations connected to the gloomy figure of the bat.
Intriguing garlands and festoons of bats animate the hall in a macabre and terrifying way. They can be attached to a wire and hung from one corner of the room to another or placed prominently in the window frame. Ghosts also scare guests. Just get a polystyrene ball to connect to a wire fixed to the ceiling. This sphere is covered with a soft white cloth that descends asymmetrically. To complete the work, the eyes and mouth of the intriguing ghost are painted with a black marker. How to DIY Spider and Spider Webs to Decorate Your Home for Halloween
Whether we are indifferent or make us blow up in disgust, arachnids are perfectly at home during the hours of Halloween celebrations.Decorating the house for Halloween with do-it-yourself is an activity that requires you to work hard even in the construction of small spiders and extensive cobwebs. How to do
it The starting material can be obtained easily. Assembling arachnids and their web is simple and fun. For spiders that make young and old shiver you need three pipe cleaners and a black pom pom for each arachnid, scissors and hot glue. For a cobweb you need to get three tongue depressors, acrylic colors, white string and also in this case, hot glue and scissors should not be missing.
The three pipe cleaners are used to make up the body and legs of the spider. Two must be cut in half to obtain the legs, one must be left whole and knotted in the center in order to make a ball to which the black pom pom is glued.
To make so many creepy cobwebs you need to glue three tongue depressors colored in white or black to form an asterisk. The string that constitutes the many is tied along the rods. cobweb threads. A small loop can be attached to the upper end of the small cobweb thus obtained, allowing you to hang the decoration where you want. Ideas for Halloween: the decorations for setting up the buffet
A truly special party needs a special buffet. The refreshments for the celebrations of October 31st must be exquisite, full of delicacies and strictly themed. The dishes cooked in an unusual way also represent one of the different decorations for the DIY Halloween party . Just a little imagination and you’re done: mini-burgers twisted with puff pastry bandages, complete with eyes to reproduce a mummy, ghosts made of meatballs covered with thin slices of soft cheese. It is enough to explore the territories of one’s imagination and add a pinch of horror in the preparation of special appetizers.
The biscuits take on the appearance of a bat or a ghost, thanks to the use of molds that give a precise and fun shape to the shortcrust pastry. The cupcakes can be decorated with curious eyes, paws that emerge and represent a terrifying spider. Everything contributes to reproducing Halloween table decorations that are excellent to taste. These fun appetizers will add a touch of color to the table, embellished with a pumpkin orange tablecloth.

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