Let’s face it: when you reach 50 , women often don’t know what to do with their look, they don’t feel comfortable with certain cuts and tricks, but they don’t even feel like opting for a little more classic and demodic hair, which often starts with to glimpse as soon as the white hair peeps out with more and more insistence. It is difficult to understand how to cut hair at 50 or 60, also because we almost always hear that at this age it would be better not to wear long hair anymore, that we should resign ourselves to keeping it short and, often, even hairdressers adopt a very classic style. Short, with a fluffy and voluminous tuft and a slightly (too) retro styling, this is how women at that age are usually painted in the common imagination. But who said that you must give up on long hair
That short hair cannot be youthful
We clear these false myths about hair and the various ages and here are many haircuts at 50 and 60 years that you can show off with style! The short cut yes, but jaunty and youthful
Forget the classic “grandmother” cuts: short hairthey must not be synonymous with elderly, but with jaunty , youthful, modern . Gone are the times when at the age of 50 you wore voluminous hair at the top and shorter on the neck and, perhaps, with the cotton tuft. Now the haircuts for 50 and 60 year olds are made short, to be combined with particular colors , natural streaks but also more youthful shades with pink or blue reflections. Even platinum and very light blondes acquire character with a cut to be styled with gel and waxes for a more disheveled and less ordered effect.
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Also try the asymmetrical short, ideal for curly and wavy hair, to avoid falling back into the usual cut which, by lengthening, becomes mushroom-shaped. Shorter on one side, to be worn behind the ears and embellished with particular earrings, jewel or single earring and longer on the other side. They immediately give a youthful and friendly air and are also easy to maintain over time, when they stretch. Just a product for curls, mousse or cream, to be applied to wet hair and a diffuser to dry them, perfect for those who have no time, desire or are always in a hurry. Pixie cut perfect to play with colors and shades
Another cut perfect for all ages, but which at 50 becomes elegant and particular at the same time, and thePixie Cut . A very short cut , like that of J amie Lee Curtis , which requires little time for styling but gives the idea of ​​a strong, self-confident, elegant and feminine woman but with a touch of originality . It highlights the face, eyes and lips and is perfect for those with a particular style of clothing or those who are not afraid to be daring with makeup. In addition, the Pixie Cut lends itself perfectly to colors such as white , silver , gray, salt and pepper and, why not, shades of color. Beautiful in white or silver version with red lipstick!
Source: InstagramThe helmet is always an excellent idea, to be worn smooth or
wavy If you don’t like short hair why give up a slightly longer cut
A helmet is what it takes, to frame the face without totally abandoning the length. Perfect to wear short to below the ears , it lends itself to all types of styling, from smooth to slightly wavy on the tips or with beach waves . But be careful to keep it fairly in the fold, albeit done quickly, otherwise the effect could be unkempt and uncared for. Half length is the key to wearing hair that is neither too long nor too short
Do not listen to those who tell you that long hair is worn only when young, it is worn at all ages! Long, flowing hair is always beautiful, you just need to find the right length and, above all, take good care of it . With age, in fact, the hair tends to weaken and become thinner, as well as to lose their pigmentation to make room for white hair. So if you want to wear them long, you have to take it into your head to treat them with suitable products and styling, whatever the color chosen. It would be better to always make the fold , wavy or smooth, in order to have a neat and tidy look, as well as the color. If you choose to wear them long, the regrowth is white and banned, because it looks sloppy. Better to leave them salt and pepper or even all white, the effect is very elegant and refined. When you choose to wear them white or gray, remember to use anti-yellow shampoos to eliminate straw-colored reflections.
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