We often wash our hair but we always have the feeling that it remains heavy, dull and dull . Despite frequent washing with shampoos and products of all kinds , they lack shine and sometimes we even find ourselves with unexpected dandruff . In reality, they are nothing more than dead scalp cells, residues of styling products , sebum and fine dust from atmospheric pollution. The follicles are thus occluded and in the long run, white skin forms that look like dandruff. Not to mention the damage to the hair , which grows slower and finer. In fact, each follicular unit contains about 1 to 3 hairs and, if occluded, they will not be able to grow all the hairs, thus reducing the number.
Imagine never scrubbing your face and accumulating deep dirt, dead cells and make-up… this is exactly what happens to the scalp too! It would therefore be a good idea to use a hair scrub , even once a week, in order to detoxify it by eliminating impurities and dead cells . It is a great way to purify the scalp of those with oily hair or dandruff, but dry hair can also benefit from it, just use the right ingredients and products. In fact, by exfoliating the scalp, you rebalance the PH of the skin, clean it and at the same time, thanks to the massage performed, reactivate blood circulation and oxygenation . This therefore benefits not only your scalp, but also your hair , which will be healthier, shinier and grow more and faster . And not only that, depending on the type of product used, you can also get benefits from the other ingredients present inside such as oils, vitamins and active ingredients that are beneficial for skin and hair.
Source: Sephora & Davines
The web favorite and undoubtedly that of Christophe Robin , the Cleansing Purifying Scrub with sea salt, and a cleansing scrub therefore is also suitable for lengthening the periods between one shampoo and another. Revitalizes the scalp and eliminates the accumulation of products and dead cells. A favorite of ours is also Davines’ Solu Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser , also to be used in place of shampoo. It is enriched with Sea Salt from the Slow Food Presidium of Trapani to refresh the skin, remove impurities, residues and polluting particles, for an immediate detox effect. For a stronger effect, apply the chosen scrub to damp hair and massage it, then wash it while, if you want to be softer, just use it on completely wet hair, like a normal shampoo.
If, on the other hand, you are a DIY lover , it’s very easymake your own scub at home , creating your mix based on your hair type. The basic recipe for hair scrub, also suitable for greasy ones
You just need to take your usual conditioner , according to the specifications of your hair (therefore light, in the case of oily or fine hair and richer for dry scalp and hair) and add 2 tablespoons of sugar , for a more delicate exfoliation or salt to purify more . Add the conditioner and the exfoliating agent and apply the mixture on hair, preferably damp, otherwise if too wet the sugar will tend to dissolve and you will not have time to massage.Massage for at least 5 minutes , rinse and proceed with your cleansing routine.
In case of particularly dry and dehydrated scalp you can also add a few drops of oil , for example of hemp, Jojoba, coconut, castor or linseed or aloe gel or honey to enhance the nourishing effect. The completely natural recipe, without conditioner or mask
You can make your own scrub even at very low cost , without the need to waste your favorite conditioner. Just add 4 tablespoons of coarse salt , 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to rebalance the PH, 1 tablespoon of oilof your choice, 1 tablespoon of honey and you can add a few drops of essential oils , with beneficial properties. For example mint, sage, lemongrass or tea tree to refresh and purify, or lavender to soothe and perfume your scrub. You can also replace apple cider vinegar with lemon juice , with a natural disinfectant and exfoliating effect. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and apply the mixture on damp hair, massage for 5-10 minutes, rinse thoroughly with water and proceed with your usual shampoo.

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