Hair can be affected by the stress of the change of seasons and atmospheric changes . Sun, wind or the first days at the beach with sand and salt water can make them frizzy, dull, dull, rough and dry. They can break more easily and you may notice general weakening, finding more on the brush or during cleansing. It is essential, first of all, to try to stress them as little as possible with dyes, bleaches, plates and hot irons and to use specific, nourishing, moisturizing and strengthening products.
Yes, because we tend to choose hair products only on the basis of their type, not taking into account the season. As for the face, in fact,passing from winter to summer, the needs of the hair change. In summer, for example, we tend to keep them often tied with rubber bands, they weaken and break, especially if you don’t use delicate ones, which tighten a little and do not pull. The formulations and ingredients change, passing from more full-bodied and nourishing products to lighter products, for frequent washing, with sunscreens or with moisturizing substances but which do not weigh them down.
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To all these precautions, it may be an idea to resort to supplements that act from the inside, rebalancing vitamins, mineral salts and beneficial substanceswhich constitute a concrete help for the beauty of the hair, to make it grow faster. However, there are many on the market and it is important to know the most functional ingredients, to be sure of getting good results. The first food supplements are, in fact, the foods ingested at the table
Before launching into the purchase of capsules and gummy candies rich in vitamins and substances of various kinds, it is important to understand that a fundamental step is that of nutrition . By taking care of that you can already get improvements from the general point of view of skin, nails and hair. Among the foods that can never be missing we find cereals and legumes: the former contain large quantities of iron and zinc while legumes, especially lentils, help against hair breakage and dryness.
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The consumption of dried fruit and seeds is also very important , which are beneficial for the whole organism. In particular, the best allies for having healthy and strong hair are nuts, rich in Omega3, which helps to make the hair strong and shiny. Even eggs , while paying attention to fats and cholesterol, are rich in vitamin B7 and iron or even fruit and vegetables containing beta-carotene , an ally not only for hair health, but also for eyes and skin, especially in summer. Milk and foods containing calciumthey are also to be taken regularly, as well as vegetables containing Vitamin E , such as spinach and broccoli. In short, you will say, in practice you have to eat everything
Exactly. A varied, balanced diet rich in nutrients is what will help you the most to have not only healthy hair, but the whole body and, externally, even skin, nails and your hair. Food supplements in tablets, tablets and candies: they really work
There are conflicting opinions on the use of vitamins and supplements for the hair , because they are not really recognized products, but many people who use them really notice big changes. It is very simple: if you are deficient in any vitamin you will get results , otherwise it is possible that they will not affect you. Hence, these products contain a bit of everything, thus acting globally . Bear in mind, however, that if you are not deficient, your body will not take in more vitamins and nutrients than it needs, and will end up expelling them. Furthermore, it should be remembered that the intake must take place for no less than three months , during which the embryonic phase of the hair takes place.
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If you want to try to buy some supplements, it is important that it contains biotin , which strengthens and helps in hair growth , vitamin B7which helps in the formation of amino acids that make up keratin, of which nails and hair are made. And again, vitamins A, B, C, D and E , methionine , also a component of keratin and folic acid , essential for the synthesis of keratin. Among the minerals we remember zinc which helps against frailty, and iron , the deficiency of which could cause hair loss. In addition, these products often contain other substances that are beneficial not only for the hair , but also for the nails and skin, such as collagen , which provides essential proteins and amino acids, MSM, which helps to thicken and strengthen the hair shaft and chilli extract , which stimulates circulation promoting faster growth.

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