The summer season is about to come to an end and every year leaves us with beautiful memories and an amber tan, but it is also characterized by putting a strain on the resistance and well-being of our hair . The effect resulting from prolonged exposure to sunlight, as well as sea, wind, chlorine and salt that are deposited on the scalp, make them dry, frizzy, brittle and dull . Therefore it is necessary to take care of your hair after the summer to make it hydrated and shiny again. But how to do
Nourish and strengthen hair is possible thanks to the properties of natural remedies .

Hair wellness: why intervene after the summer
The need to intervene and take care of the hair after the summer is essential to promote their well-being. Even with all the precautions used, such as sunscreens for hair, or nourishing packs, it is undeniable that, in this period, our hair needs some more care, with a targeted regenerating action . This is in fact the moment when the hair appears weaker and brittle and the hair loss is concentrated .
This happens not only as a result of exposure to sunlight and the oxidative stress that they entail, but also because it is precisely at that juncture of the year that a sort of “small seasonal change” occurs, that is a physiological change that involves the hair. Other reasons for hair loss after summer can be linked to excessive humidity, dryness or rising temperatures – all typical conditions of the hot season.

Tips for strong and healthy hair after summer
Obviously the well-being of the organism , as well as of the hair, starts from the inside; if on vacation you have failed with unhealthy foods, to have wonderful hair again it is important to follow a balanced diet rich in nutrients. Some foods rich in Omega 3 , for example, are particularly suitable for hair health .
Externally, however, it is advisable to use moisturizing treatments , such as lotions , balms and masks , focusing only on the really drier and dull areas which tend to be lengths and ends. Roots are normally healthier and if you hydrate them too much you risk the opposite effect. In this restorative phase, it is also important not to stress the hair with hairpins, rubber bands, accessories and styling products.
In addition, it is possible to supplement one’s diet with products based on natural ingredientswhich help slow down the hair loss process and restore energy to the bulbs, extending the life of the hair . Natural remedies meet all needs: to slow down or counteract hair loss , to hydrate the hair and revitalize it, and to rebalance the production of sebum in the skin and scalp . In short, just choose: the important thing is not to be caught unprepared, time is running out!

Biotin to take care of hair after summer Biotin
is undoubtedly one of the most suitable substances for hair care after summer. Belonging to the B vitamin family, this essential micronutrient is also known as vitamin H or vitamin B7. The vitamin plays a fundamental role in the cellular economy and in the intermediate metabolism: at the level of the hair this translates into the improvement of the quality of life of the skin appendages and the ability to block their fall .

Resistant hair thanks to methionine
Another natural substance indicated for hair care after the summer is methionine . In this case it is an essential amino acid whose main use is aimed at revitalizing the hair . Several studies have in fact ascertained that a methionine deficiency is associated withgraying of hair which is typical of senility. The lack of this substance would in fact be at the basis of an accumulation of hydrogen peroxide inside the hair follicles. Doing so would also lose the effectiveness of tyrosinase and consequently there would be a gradual but progressive loss of hair color.
This substance is also a valid ally with respect to the resistance and resistance of the hair which after the summer are instead normally damaged and weakened. Methionine therefore acts not only by improving the appearance of the hair , but also at the root, limiting the process of falling out .

Hair care after summer: cystineCystine
is certainly included in the list of natural remedies for hair care after the summer . The right amount of this substance is able to promote a correct synthesis of keratin , a fundamental protein to ensure that the hair, but also the other skin appendages, such as hair and nails, present an adequate structure. Often and willingly, a diet that does not provide the correct quantities of cystine leads to a decrease in production of the hair tissue . Like methionine, cystine also intervenes by promoting the synthesis of eumelanine , that is the pigment that gives the hair its characteristic color, preventing the tendency to graying.

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