There is a perfect hairstyle for every age, so when you want to change your look it is important to choose the most suitable one. If at twenty it is a must to dare, with fluorescent colors, very short cuts and real “head shots”, at thirty you have to learn to opt for the ideal cut and color. In fact, at this age women have a job, maybe they are married, they already have children and they are divided between looking after the house and working commitments. For this reason, thirty-year-olds need hair that is simple to manage, practical, but also chic and elegant , perfect for any occasion. Hair 30 years: cuts
One of the most admired cuts by women after the age of thirty is the short. This solution is perfect for those who play sports regularly, but also for those who are always in a hurry. In addition, it is versatile, very casual and chic, ideal for a day at the office or for a happy hour with friends.
Do like the stars and opt for a comfortable and sexy pixie cut , chosen by celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson and Anne Hathaway. Make it more elegant by adding a longer or shorter side tuft according to your needs and changing the styling often to give your look a shake. But be careful: avoid this cut if you have curly hair , because you could easily fall into the hated “lion effect“. Instead, choose a short bob with soft lines, to show off with a fringe or with a parting in the middle.
Medium hair is a must for women in their thirties. In fact, this solution is comfortable, practical and elegant, ideal for making every look lively. Opt for a long bob , to show off in the wob version or in the very smooth one. The latter option is great for those looking for a flawless look. Focus on a scaled if your face is square, while if the face is round, it is better to opt for longer locks that fall on the cheeks.
Finally, thirty is the perfect age to show off long hair, excellent for those who dream of a fresh and youthful look. In this case it is better to avoid oneheavy and shapeless hair , which could give the idea of ​​a “scruffy” hair style. Instead, try a cut that is sinuous and softer, with layers that give movement. Hair 30 years: colors and shades
At thirty the ideal is to find the right balance between modern and classic, without exaggerating or distorting one’s look, but with an eye to trends. Those who love blond should focus on golden shades and highlights: opt for the dirty blonde or the degrade , flat and lackluster shades are banned, without reflections.
Red hair at thirty is perfect and identifies a strong, self-confident woman ready to conquer the world. The only problem with this shade is that it fades over time, so it is important to use the right products, recommended by your trusted hairdresser . Alternatively, if you are blonde or brown, you can enrich your color by choosing auburn reflections. The glossy effect treatments are also excellent, which enhance the natural nuance and reflections ranging from strawberry blonde to mahogany brown.
The perfect shade for a thirty-year-old woman, however, remains the brown. At this age, choose it intense, warm, enveloping and luminous. Let your trusted hairdresser guide you to choose the right shades and try the treatments of the moment. So green light for degrade and balayage , shatush is also excellent for a result that is sophisticated and modern. Do not forget also more intense and enveloping colors, such as chocolate brown, dark brown, coffee and caramel. Hair 30 years: hairstyles
For hairstyles let your imagination fly, opting for hair styles that are elegant and chic, but above all trendy. When you play sports or want a comfortable look, try a soft braid that falls behind the shoulders. The waves are also excellent, always in fashion: choose the beach waves for an evening with friends and to feel “younger”. If, on the other hand, you have to participate in a special evening or a business meeting, aim for defined waves in diva style . Finally, the tail remains a passepartout hairstyle to try in the gym, at work and in your free time.

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