At twenty, everything is possible , even when it comes to hair! In fact, at this age you can indulge in hairstyles, shapes, colors and styling . This is the perfect time to experiment and to dare, always trying something new and – why not – extreme. Hair 20 years: the cuts
At 20 any type of cut is fine and there is never any danger of looking out of place. The important thing, however, is to always choose a hair style that does not hide the age and does not make you look older . Better to enjoy this magical period of your life and “wear” it even on your hair!
If you love short films at twenty you have to overdo it, focusing on the very short one. Ample space, therefore, for the famous pixie cut , always very fashionable, but above all chic and refined, able to give a change to any look. Those who dream of being a rock star should opt for the shaved version, to show off with a very short bangs or with a long tuft. A haircut of this kind is perfect for girls who have a small face and delicate features, since it highlights the face .
Those who love half measures will not be disappointed. In fact, at twenty you can also experiment with a medium cut, which can be the hair style of life or become a mandatory step before moving on to super short. Choose itin a wavy version as the stars do, accompanied by a jaunty bangs, or very smooth, thanks to a long bob , with the parting in the middle. The beauty of this cut is that it is very comfortable because if necessary the hair can be collected in a bun or in a tail.
The real great love of girls in their twenties remains long hair. Often those who choose this cut have a somewhat flat hair , give it volume by asking your hairdresser to create internal layers that give movement and a new energy to your hairstyle. At this age, also focused on a long fringe that touches the eye, to be transformed if necessary into a soft tuft. Opt for a long and even cut only if you have particularly thick hair, to be combined with a side parting if you have a round face. Hair 20 years: hairstyles
Not only the cut, even as regards the hairstyles at the age of twenty you can dare and test many different styles . The first to try and undoubtedly the out of the bed effect , with a wild and disheveled hair, like “just got out of bed”. Easy to make and highly effective, especially if combined with the right make-up and a rock outfit.
There is also room for beach waves, the waves with a natural effect, perfect to show off with both long and short hair. Finally, do not forget the boxer braids, the double braid is not only ideal for a sporty chic look, but is also able to give an unusual grit to any girl.
If you really want to dare (and experiment) also try the braid bun, that is the classic chignon made with braids, to be worn low in a romantic version or high and double like Miley Cyrus . Finally, don’t forget that, even at the age of twenty, simplicity is always a winning weapon. Undecided about the hairstyle
Choose a straight one with a central line, a great classic perfect for any ageand ideal in any situation. To give it a touch of originality, add accessories, such as a flower, a headband or a headband. Hair 20 years: the color
Even the color at the age of twenty allows you to experiment and dare as never before. The advice is to test a nuance that you will never try again in your life: fluo! To be tried on the entire hair, shaded or only in some locks. Focus on a denim blue, for a rock effect, but also on a more romantic rose gold and on a decisive watermelon . You are undecided
Opt for rainbow hair with all the colors of the rainbow.
A separate chapter should be dedicated to blond, the perfect color for twenty-year-olds, especially in its most extreme version: silver. It is a very light blonde , almost white and tending towards silver, for a look that certainly does not go unnoticed. The more rebellious ones should try the punk shave in the two-tone version, darker in the upper part and pink or blue on the lengths. The same effect can also be applied to the tuft and, why not, to the bangs.

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