Those who work eight hours a day or many more sitting at a desk know what it means to contractures, back pain, joint pain and swollen legs. If it is not possible to find an alternative job (in most cases there is no choice), you may be able to relieve the discomfort by using an ergonomic chair. But what exactly are ergonomic chairs
These are chairs that guide the spine to assume the right position and support the lower back. This does not mean that they must necessarily be comfortable and not all chairs of this type are suitable for everyone. Also, the same chair is not suitable for all activities but in common there are some characteristics to know before choosing the right chair for you.
An ergonomic chair must have peculiar characteristics such as the seat that is adjustable and deep enough to accommodate any person, have lumbar support which is absolutely necessary, the backrest adjustable forwards and backwards, the armrest adjustable in height, the chair must be swivel, stable with star base especially in the office and the padding material must have a large thickness to ensure comfort even for very long periods. All these features are essential for correct posture and not to stress the back.
Sometimes the greatest difficulty is choosing the right ergonomic chair and before buying you have to evaluate the pros and cons very well because the costs are high and the wrong choice corresponds to a considerable economic expenditure. Let’s see now some of the most popular and well-known types of ergonomic chairs to get a better idea before buying. Herman Miller
When we say ergonomic chair we say Herman Miller. These chairs are created specifically for those who spend many hours sitting at their desk and it is also possible to buy work tables and other accessories. Miller’s Embody chairs are ideal for creating those healthy movements while seated that the body must perform to stay healthy. Aerons, on the other hand, are designed for older people and that is why they are increasingly used in retirement homes. But that is not all. It allows the pelvis a vertical opening greater than 90 ° which helps prevent lordosis. The Mirra 2, on the other hand, are the ideal chairs for those who need to rest after long hours of constant movement. Herman Miller has therefore not stopped simply at chairs for sedentary people but also for sportsmen and has also created a line of more comfortable seats for relaxing moments in the living room, sofas and ottomans. These are high-end products, which is why it is advisable to rely only on official dealers such as Offique in Italy.Stokke Variable Balans Ergonomic Chair by Varier
It is a very famous chair due to its particular shape because it has no backrest and requires the knees to rest on a surface and the seat is tilting. All this helps the pelvis to keep moving and reduces pauses during work by 50%. There is a model of this chair that features an unpadded wooden backrest. The chair is ideal for people who are not too tall because it would be a problem to place the lower extremities. Even the elderly would have some difficulties given the position that must be taken. At first it will be difficult but get used to it in a couple of weeks and who leaves it more Komfort Chair than Komfort
And here is the Komfort Chair by Komfort. It is not the best of aesthetics but it is one of the best on the market for those who have to sit for hours in front of the PC. Very solid, it can adjust the seat completely horizontally and rotate the knee brace back. It can be adjusted in height and allows at least 5 types of seating. If you are feeling too comfortable it is not good so you prefer some discomfort for the sake of your spine. Excellent product, versatile, durable and functional. Balt Chair Align
Another notable ergonomic chair is the Balt Sedia designed for aligning the spine. It is an office chair and has the BIFMA ergonomic certification issued by manufacturers and not by medical or orthopedic institutes precisely because it is for work. It has a special neck support and adjustable height. The name Align is due to the fact that it has a sort of central groove on the back that avoids the compression of the vertebrae because in fact it does not touch them. Stokke Varier Gravity Balans Armchair
It is a Norwegian production chair, it is very expensive and also very large so it cannot be accommodated in small spaces. Despite having armrests and a headrest, this chair cannot be defined as comfortable because its purpose is precisely to keep the occupant always in motion: if you are too comfortable you do not move continuously, you do not think Ergo Hag Chair I understand 8107 / 8106
This chair allows various types of posture and you can also lean forward. Opsvik, its designer was inspired by sitting on the horse and in fact the angle of the pelvis between the back and the seat is widened to about 100 ° by passing the legs in two grooves in the seat. This chair also has support for the neck, shoulders and arms. Also, if you stand with your feet on the pedestal’s wheel supports, you move your torso and side abdominals. A very beautiful chair. Varier Actulum rocking chair
For the nostalgic, there is also the Varier Actulum reception rocking chair. Its shape is reminiscent of the canonical rocking chair but allows a minimum mobility of the pelvis because even the rocking is reduced. This chair is not adjustable so it needs the work surface to be adjustable in height.
In conclusion, if you are looking for an ergonomic chair that improves your back pain and gets you used to an ideal posture, find one that has a knee rest, a back support and an arched rocker similar to that of the rocking chair. A tip: before buying, you have to sit there for a while and see if it is right for you.

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