After an important stoppage due to the pandemic, you have realized that this summer you have a million weddings and you have panicked. You know that summer weddings are the best because you can show off your tan with your guest look and you just need a good guest hairstyle to get the perfect look. Even so, choosing the perfect guest dress for your summer weddings is a bit uphill for you.
You’ve browsed through Instagram and the guest looks of our favorite influencers seem ideal, but you don’t know how they will look on your body. You are one of those who love summer weddings because they are usually at night and the protocol invites you to go long , but you do not know which cut will look better with your figure.
Sometimes it happens that we see an absolutely irresistible guest dress and we do not dare to wear it because we think that it would not look good on our figure, that it would not highlight our best features. To know how to choose the guest dress for a wedding, it is essential to know what the shape of our body is like because that is what will make us opt for one type of design or another.
To make it easier for you to find the guest look for a summer wedding (because the dresses are long), we have prepared a selection of designs so you know how to choose the dress according to the shape of your body . I just went to buy the adventure guest dress, now you can get your perfect guest lookand make the most of it.

Guest dress for an hourglass body

You have the most proportionate measurements being shoulders and hips of similar measurements, with an outstanding waist and stylized legs.

Your guest dress : The trumpet-cut guest dresses that highlight your proportionate curves will look great on you.

Guest dress for a round or apple body

You have rounded shoulders, torso, thick back and wide waist with a tendency to narrow hips and thinner arms and legs. The fat accumulates in the abdomen, which can stand out more than the chest and buttocks.

your guest dressDress: Empire-cut dresses or A-line silhouettes favor you. Cuts that are neither too tight nor too loose, flared with a high waist and flowing skirt.

Guest dress for a rectangular-shaped body

You have a proportionate straight figure but without a prominent waist, with similar measurements in shoulders, waist and hips.

Your guest dress : Sheath, empire and A-line silhouette dresses favor you. To accentuate the waist, dresses with a fitted waist, V-necklines and strapless or bare shoulders will help you. Avoid square necks, straight cuts or very tight.

Guest dress for a triangle or pear shaped body
Your hips are wider than your shoulders and chest. Tendency to accumulate fat on the hips and upper thighs, with a pronounced rear and a more pronounced waist.

Your guest dress : A-line, empire and princess silhouette dresses favor you. Choose a dress that is not too tight so as not to highlight the hips with a wide and open neckline and with decorations, drapes and sleeves to give volume to the upper part.

Guest dress for an inverted triangle shaped body

You have wider shoulders than hips. The chest and shoulders stand out against a narrower waist, hips and legs.

your guest dress: You are favored by trumpet, mermaid, princess and short dresses. Closed necklines will help you reduce amplitude to the chest, shoulders and back. Dresses with a fitted waist and wide skirts with details will help you give volume to the lower part of the body and balance the outfit.


to _

_ your chest : If you have a small chest you can choose a neckline with details to give volume, if on the contrary you have a large chest choose a more discreet neckline without saturating the area.

According to your neck : If you have a short and wide neck choose low and exaggerated necklines, if you have a long and stylized neck you can opt for high necklines.

According to the length of the neckline : If the line of the neckline from the neck to the bust is short, it is recommended that you look for a wide neckline and without overloading, even more so if you have a lot of chest. If the length of the neckline is long you can afford a more closed neckline, and if you have little chest with more details to give volume and create curves.

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