In the midst of the de-escalation process, the premises of the leading company in neo-restoration, raise their blinds again to welcome their first customers. The company’s 150 premises located outside of Spain will be opened progressively depending on the phases of de-escalation in each country.
In Spain , the nearly 650 restoration units of the Restalia brands:100 Montaditos, TGB The Good Burger, Cerveceria La Surena, Panther Juice & Sandwich Market and Pepe Taco, have decided to reopen their businesses starting today, coinciding with phase II of the autonomous communities, in order to return to normality as soon as possible. . With a business model based on zero contact operations and a complete protocol with hygiene and safety measures that will be implemented in all its premises, the company wants to champion the recovery of the hospitality industry.
According to Belen Martin, general director of Restalia, “at Restalia we have always characterized ourselves by launching solid and disruptive models on the market, capable of connecting with the current consumer, acyclical and resistant to crises”, and adds, “our stores are prepared for openings already that are conditioned with various sanitary measures and we have a zero contact operation, among many more initiatives that we have also implemented.
“It is a difficult time for the country’s economy, where the strength of our brands, the unity in our messages to the consumer and our price philosophy, we are sure that our brands will quickly recover their activity and volume of business. It is a time in which the most important thing is to recover theconsumer confidence in the hospitality industry and that is why the Restalia Group has implemented a rigorous security protocol in all its brands in which, without losing our essence, we manage to convey to the consumer the peace of mind of being in “their usual place” but with all the necessary hygiene and safety guarantees”, the company’s CEO continued.
Regarding the crisis in the sector,in Restalia they are clear: “the strength of Restalia, after 20 years, due to the cohesion and consistency of our policies and our messages to our consumers, means that our brands continue to withstand this strong crisis, as they indicate to us our internal reports. Our ensigns have always been a refuge for customers, even in the most complicated moments. At Restalia we have always opted for the eurist concept, in which quality and price are not mutually exclusive” explains Belen.
Promotions such as Euromania, bottle buckets, single price cards, 2×1, or double mania will be key to reactivating consumption in their stores, as well as take away and delivery consumption.
“Despite the fact that our concepts are concepts of socialization in the premises, we are also covering the new demands of the current consumer who wants to enjoy our products through take away or delivery . The growth of delivery in our TGB brand is becoming more important every day, and during the last two months we have been able to observe the loyalty of our customers to the brand, since far from forgetting about it, consumption through delivery has increased significantly. since it was the only means available to the consumer to continue savoring our excellent product”, concludes the general director of Restalia.

100 Montaditos inaugurates the delivery
In addition, taking advantage of the reopening of the stores, the company’s first brand, 100 Montaditos, launches the delivery service in the year that marks its 20th anniversary. Lovers of the mythical montaditos will now be able to enjoy them in their homes and offices with the same quality and flavor as fresh from the kitchen.
The delivery service will be carried out through the main operators with whom the chain already works with the rest of its brands and the public will be able to enjoy our products at an incomparable competitive price in their homes. This service is launched due to the high demand from customers who want to enjoy the products offered by the brand withthe same quality and at smart cost prices.

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