Il Fatto Quotidiano took a stand: with Giuseppe Conte , against Beppe Grillo .
In his latest editorials, the director Marco Travaglio traces the way for the birth of the first party after the break with the second. Today he wrote that, given that the Draghi government is proceeding to “dismantle even the latest M5S achievements” and that “Grillo does not care about these trifles and notices”, and “Conte’s haste to leave is understandable”.
Such as
Not “a personal party for men alone in command, but a collective movement with a group of co-founders who have given good evidence to the government and in Parliament and new additions from civil society. To give a home and a compass to a community brought to pieces by Grillo ”. Then the ultimatum to the “Elevated”: “time seems to have run out”, unless Grillo “does not withdraw everything he has said and done in the last 7 days and is happy to be a silent guarantor”.
Yesterday, however, Travaglio explained that according to him Grillo would have done “an objective favor to Conte: he frees him from any residual emotional bond with the former 5Stelle and forces him to give a new home to elected, registered and voters (old and new) who they no longer recognize themselves in a Movement transformed into the two-square bunker of the founder and the revived Casaleggio ”. And then: “The brand is still strong. But without the Conte effect, which cushioned the dive after the unconditional surrender to [ Mario ] Draghi , he will flourish ”.
In addition to the editorials of Travaglio and the polls that explain how Conte’s party would empty the 5-star Movement and the Democratic Party, settling between 10 and 15%, Il Fatto Quotidiano does not spare Grillo jabs. YesterdayAntonio Padellaro , leading columnist of the newspaper he was editor of, and seemed to notice for the first time that Grillo “never made a secret of his ‘Chinese’ sympathies (as he never hid a certain attention towards Iran, other black beast of the West) “.
Before this passage (which also contains a personal reference to Grillo, married to Iranian Parvin Tadjk), returned to the visit to the Chinese embassy in Rome on 12 June last, when Conte broke the “Elevato” at the last minute: “A mishap that commentators had interpreted as an excuse to avoid a diplomatic problem and institutional etiquette. On the opening day of the G7 in Cornwall, in the presence of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, it would not have been rather embarrassing if the predecessor at Palazzo Chigi had met with the representative of the Beijing government, who had just defined the summit as ‘a small circle’ and ‘an example of group policy’
In this regard, Nicola Biondo, former head of communication of the 5-star Movement in the Chamber, a few days ago told a background on Twitter according to which “Conte would have deliberately given the hole to Grillo at the meeting with the Chinese ambassador. To make him appear as a dangerous anti-Western in the eyes of Draghi ”.
Grillo has Il Fatto Quotidiano against, but also critical of him are the three members of the Guarantee Committee of the 5-star Movement: Giancarlo Cancelleri , Vito Crimi and Roberta Lombardi . He has a personal blog reduced to little more than an ecological site. While the “Blog of the Stars” has lost the firepower of the past.
Conte, on the other hand, in addition to Travaglio’s advice, can count on the platform set up in almost three years at Palazzo Chigi, including direct streaming that forced the television networks to pick up that single signal and press conferences that began very late, probably also to increase the number of followers and likes. An asset that Rocco Casalino has worked on , also capable of establishing good relations with reporters. (Do you remember, the voice message of the summer three years ago, at the dawn of the yellow-green government, “Enough, do not stress my life. I too have the right to have maybe two days, which I have already skipped Ferragosto, Santo Stefano, San Rocco, and Santo Cristo. You call me like crazy, that is, take it easy, that is ”
Game over for Grillo
Maybe not. On the other hand, with a reduction of a hundred parliamentarians (about a third of the elected in 2018 and half of the current 5-star Movement) it can afford to break some eggs in the government basket or to give some concern when it will be necessary to elect Sergio ‘s successor. Mattarella at the Quirinale.

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