Why adopt a green lifestyle
Because environmental pollution, the greenhouse effect and problems of various origins make a reversal towards eco-friendly behaviors absolutely immediate, to protect our planet and therefore also ourselves. Our times are strongly characterized by technology and progress, but great attention must always be kept high towards eco-sustainability. It is the gestures of daily life that are very important, actions such as furnishing the house with green furniture and therefore the first step to take to protect the environment and also to improve the quality of our life. In this article you will find some ideas and tips for decorating your home following an eco-friendly philosophy :

  • Eco-friendly furniture: for an eco-sustainable home with a striking aesthetic
  • Recycled wood: an eco-green choice for quality furnishings
  • Most used ecofriendly materials
  • The beauty of Pallet, Cork and Bamboo
  • Eco-friendly accessories and coverings with exclusive designs

Eco-friendly furniture: for an eco-sustainable home with effective aesthetics
For optimal psycho-physical well-being, the furniture of the house also plays a fundamental role, because every element in the house will not have been manufactured with toxic or harmful substances and because this lifestyle, in addition to safeguarding the environment, leads to energy saving which in concrete terms also affects costs and consumption in a positive way. The first step is to choose only furniture made with ecological materials .
If once upon a time the costs of these furnishings might have seemed prohibitive, today this is no longer the case. Collections of furnishings for the sleeping area and the living area have been created in ecological materials and the most disparate designs, which open to various price ranges from the cheapest up to the highest ones. What characteristics must an ecological furniture possess
? First of all, it must possess the special FSC certification. What is FSC certification
This certification has the acronym of Forest Stewardship Council in its acronym, which is essential to ensure that the wood used comes directly from responsibly managed forests. Recycled wood : an eco-green choice for quality furnishings
Woodand the green and ecological material par excellence and its eclecticity makes it perfect for the creation of furniture suitable to make all the rooms of the house unique. Another way to use wood to create eco-sustainable furniture is to recycle it. The specialized brands in the sector have found industrial processes capable of giving new life to wood, for recycling in full and total respect for the environment. Beams, pallets, panels are taken to collection centers where, through a particular process, they are crushed and then processed with non-toxic binders to give life to veneered panels. Kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and even children’s bedrooms, today the sector offers complete furnishings to furnish the home in a responsible manner.Ecofriendly materials most used
Today there are many eco-sustainable materials used to create furniture with elegant designs and maximum functionality. Among the materials with a high recycling potential we can mention steel , which is always 100% recyclable. The great potential of the furniture made of steel and certainly a very great durability over time, but above all the furniture and furnishing accessories created in recycled steel are very resistant.
Another material that is recycled and reused to give life to designer furniture with an exclusive charm is plastic. The plasticpossesses unique characteristics such as: extreme durability and almost indestructibility. Recycled plastic furniture is often used in outdoor furniture, recycled plastic tables, chairs or coffee tables are increasingly purchased to give a touch of style and class to the garden, balcony or terrace. The beauty of Pallet, Cork, cardboard and Bambu
Cork, Pallet, Bamboo and cardboard are other materials widely used for the creation of green furnishings, thanks to their particular characteristics such as resistance, versatility and practicality. For those who want to replace the floors, an idea could be to use bamboo parquet, a resistant and above all eco-sustainable material, which also has the great advantage of not having prohibitive costs.
If your dream is to live in a fully furnished house with total respect for the environment, the advice is to refer to renowned manufacturers of eco-friendly furnishings such as the famous Nature Design brand.who has devised a new way of conceiving furniture, designed and built with total respect for the environment. The brand’s creations begin with the recovery of ancient woods then worked with craftsmanship, for the creation of furnishings with a unique charm and perfect for both the living area and the sleeping area.
Nature Design Link Sideboard – Photo taken from www.mobilidesignoccasioni.com Eco-friendly accessories and coverings with exclusive designs
100% natural fabrics such as cotton, jute, linen, hemp combined with fibers such as bamboo or coconut. Cushions, upholstery for sofas and armchairs, to have a home in full green style, must be chosen in these textile fibers which are also very durable. There are many brands to date that have proposed collections of upholstered furniture in full green style and above all, more and more manufacturers have chosen zero-impact manufacturing methods.
We can mention the work of the iconic Cassina brand with the great designer Philippe Starkhas produced the famous Cassina Croque La Pomme limited edition vegan collection where you can admire sofas and upholstery made with animal-friendly and eco-sustainable material coverings. The credit for this renewal goes to the Frumat group, which has patented and designed the Apple Ten Lork, a new leather-like material generated using apple waste such as cores and peels.

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