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Decorating the house for Christmas in an ecological way is not only possible, but also easier than we think. Here is a series of ideas for you to make your home beautiful, while polluting as little as possible. Foreword
Christmas is beautiful and it is a party that lends itself to decorations. You would like to decorate everything: from the front door to the bathrooms! The trouble with all this decorating is that often, unfortunately, the materials that are used end up in the garbage, year after year, to be supplanted by new balls, new lights, new plastic pins. Instead, even at Christmas, we could pay a little more attention to the choices we make: we always think that virtuous behavior, multiplied on a global scale, will bring well-being to everyone!
To begin with, let’s think about the tree: in my experience, I don’t think there is a right or wrong choice between a real tree and a plastic tree, assuming you always choose with your head. My family has had the same beautiful plastic tree for over twenty years. When I moved into my new house, I bought a fake tree with the idea that it will last me for at least as long. Real fir trees, if they cannot be planted and if they are not collected and disposed of correctly after the holidays, become waste… think about it. How to decorate the house for Christmas in an ecological way: let’s get help from the children
Children are the best of all at creating unexpected decorations and finding beauty where we adults struggle more. Make paper decorations or cookies with them to hang (and maybe eat!) On the tree, inspired by the jobs they bring home from kindergarten or the thousands of tutorials that are on Pinterest. Sometimes it takes very little to make them happy and to create something original and unique.How to decorate the house for Christmas in an ecological way: natural elements
If you can collect or use natural decorative elements , do it: pine twigs, pine cones, dried fruit (you can also dry the orange slices in the oven at home), cinnamon sticks , star anise and the like. They are fragrant, simple and immediately make you think of the holidays! You can assemble them yourself, creating garlands, table centerpieces, festoons, or place them on plates, jugs or transparent containers.How to decorate the house for Christmas in an ecological way: recover the vintage decorations
I don’t know in your home, but we have decorations that are forty years old. My mother has always collected Christmas balls and Christmas objects among the most varied and she shared them among us children (or at least that was the idea). So, when I set up Christmas in my house, many small objects appear on the shelves that are older than me. I think it is a beautiful thing, to transmit traditions also through objects that are treated with care and handed down over time. It’s never too late to start! It goes without saying that these objects must be made to last: disposable trinkets obviously are not suitable for the purpose.How to decorate the house for Christmas in an ecological way: do it yourself
Sometimes it takes very little to decorate a corner in an unusual way. There are so many creative ideas on the internet. Many are really easy to replicate at home with a few things that are also found in normal stationeries, without necessarily having to find them in some DIY store.How to decorate the house for Christmas in an ecological way: gift packages
When the packages are unwrapped, practically all the wrapping, including laces, ribbons and bows, is thrown away: imagine how much waste, often not recyclable, is produced! Why not make nice gift packages with salvaged objects
For example with newspaper, which you can tie with biodegradable twine, or repaint and decorate in your own way. You can then apply gift tags to be created with paper, cardboard, dried fruit, twigs, woolen threads or the like. Another great idea is furoshiki, the ancient Japanese art that uses scarves to “wrap” gifts in a very elegant way. In this way, even the very envelope of the gift will itself become a gift!

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