That gray hair is beautiful is a statement that has always been true, although we have learned to love it this year. If the appearance of the first gray hair was traumatic for many, having completely gray hair made mature women slaves to their hair . Although there are hair colors with a rejuvenating effect that look great on mature women, there are more and more who prefer to post for the naturalness of their gray hair .
Although going from dyed hair to gray hair is quite a complicated transition. At least so far. At least until gray blending came into our lives , the balayage highlights that make going gray with style a reality.
As has happened with the summer highlights (the money pieces), the gray blending also draws from one of the most popular coloring techniques : balayage highlights. Balayage may no longer be on the crest of the wave, but its technique is so accurate that it continues to inspire other types of coloration, as is the case with the recently discovered gray blending.
After having gone through a few decades in which beauty was subject to the excessive and overloaded, this last year a much more natural aesthetic and without so much artifice has begun to prevail. As in the way of dressing, this dynamic has been extrapolated to makeup and hair trends. Hence the bet to show off gray hairhas gained momentum and has even crept onto the red carpet ( Andie MacDowell’s silver hair at the Cannes Film Festival has conquered us).
If you are one of those who has made the decision to stop dyeing your gray hair because the time has come to show them off, you have to know the gray blending highlights. With them, the transition from dyed hair to gray hair is done progressively and super naturally. Pay attention to everything you need to know about gray blending, balayage highlights that make going gray with style a reality .

What are gray blending highlights and how are they made
Gray blending highlights are the hairdressers’ trick to go from a dyed hair to a silver hair with style and without noticing the root effect in the hair.
Like other highlights, the gray blending drinks from the balayage highlights technique to make a mix of tones in the hair that turn the hair into a multidimensional setting (which in the end is what all coloring techniques are looking for, create volumes ).
When performing the technique, strands are dyed throughout the hair from root to tip to make gray hair visible . They are highlighted and shaded with different gray tones creating a play of nuances very similar to that of balayage highlights.A sweep through the entire mane that is recommended for those who have at least 50% of their hair gray .
As it is a technique that drinks from balayage highlights, it offers a much more natural result because it gives reflections to the hair and does not present a completely uniform result. In this way, going from dyed hair to gray hair gradually, naturally and without noticing a cut in the hair . Just as there is no specific hair tone on which this coloring technique is best, there is also no specific length on which it is most flattering.

How is the maintenance of gray blending wicks
The idea of ​​resorting to gray blending highlights to be able to leave gray hair with style, is to stop being slaves to dyes and colorations, but you should know that both gray blending and gray hair themselves need special care and maintenance .
You should touch them up at the hairdresser every 2 or 3 months to give them shine and maintain the smokiness.
Occasionally resort to a taninoplasty treatment (deep hydration) to maintain the good health of the hair.
When it comes to continuing with your hair routine, avoid products with sulfates or parabens and try to make them natural so that the hair dehydrates as little as possible and keeps the color longer.
Use hair products with sun protection.
Avoid extreme heat treatments on your hair.

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