Hair loss is a problem that affects many people, with major differences between male and female individuals. In fact, while in men the thinning affects certain areas of the head, in women it is almost always a phenomenon that affects the whole scalp proportionally, with a more widespread and less intense fall. In many cases baldness is determined by genetic factors, but it is important to know that our habits also play a fundamental role in the health of our hair. About 70% of males are affected and about 40% of women .
We can help the body to fight hair lossthrough an adequate lifestyle and with the support of natural supplements that contribute effectively to maintaining the good health of our hair. But let’s go in order.

Wash your hair consistently and the basis for maintaining their health. Where there is little hygiene there is a proliferation of bacteria . If we talk about the scalp, the risks increase. In fact, the fat naturally present in the hair attracts bacteria, which are the main cause of their weakening. Therefore, any other remedy against baldness cannot be separated from proper hygiene and cleaning, which includes the use of non-aggressive products for the scalp.

Many do not know that hair loss can be conditioned by a state of acute mental stress, as well as by moments of particularly intense physical fatigue. Many recommend yoga , others meditation , one thing is certain: it is important to dedicate some time to practices for your relaxation . Choose the discipline that suits you best. Relaxing is important because it balances the hormonal level , promoting hair health.

Like poor hygiene and stress, an unbalanced and unhealthy diet also contributes to worsening hair health. Foods based onSaturated fats , such as fried foods or overly greasy foods, cause an accumulation of oily dandruff on the scalp, which affects the correct transpiration of the skin and attracts bacteria. It is better to supplement our diet with fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables such as spinach . Legumes are highly recommended for their supply of proteins, essential for hair growth and without the presence of saturated fats which are harmful to their health. Methionine, Cystine, menthol and caffeine supplements

are all natural elements that facilitate hair regrowth and maintenance. Caffeine _

for example it prevents their aging. Menthol , on the other hand, favors their strength and brightness. Panthenol regulates the water balance of the hair and acts effectively against bacteria and germs. Methionine and Cystine are two amino acids that give the hair elasticity, thus avoiding tearing and damage that can cause their fall.

The remedy you do not expect: cold water
The benefits of cold water on the skin are known to many: its astringent effect allows you to find the right muscle tone and fight cellulite .It has similar effects on the scalp. Thanks to its toning and astringent action, it strengthens the bulbs and prevents hair loss, as well as fortifying the fibers that make up the hair, making it brighter.

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