Gone with the Wind , winner of eight Academy Awards, is the most watched film in the history of cinema and its jokes are the most cited ever, just think of “Frankly, I don’t care”, or “After all, tomorrow is another day “. Released on December 15, 1939 in the United States, this blockbuster turns eighty. Gone with the wind, 7 curiosities of the film
On the occasion of the broadcast tonight, January 2, 2022, at 20.55 on Iris, we offer you some of the curiosities about the most famous film of all ( from La Repubblica ). Very crowded auditions
To interpret the role of Rossella O’Hara, 1400 actresses from all over America showed up, so much so that national debates arose on who should play the protagonist, destined to eternal fame, but only 31 of these managed to get the screen tests. Among the candidates were Miriam Hopkins, Paulette Goddard, Jean Bennett, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn: Margaret Mitchell, author of the novel of the same name , would have preferred that the role was assigned to Miriam Hopkins, who was rejected because the producers judged it too old. I win the part of her, as everyone knows, Vivien Leigh, who conquers her for her beauty and for the enthusiasm with which she faces her auditions. The false prophecy of Gary Cooper
Gary Cooper (High Noon, to name one) was offered the part, but the actor preferred to turn it down because he considered Gone with the Wind, the biggest failure in the history of cinema: “Gone with the Wind is about to become the biggest flop of history of cinema, and it will be Clark Gable who will lose face, not Gary Cooper ”. Too bad he is very wrong. The first Oscar to an African American actress
Hattie McDaniel, actress in the role of Mamy, the waitress of the O’Hara, won the Oscar for best supporting actress: this is the first time in the history of cinema in which an African American woman has won the coveted statuette. However, due to the racial laws in force in the state of Georgia, the actress was unable to participate in the premiere of the film, causing much controversy.Margaret Mitchell, here are the famous phrases from Gone with the Wind
“Gone with the Wind” and a 1936 novel written by Margaret Mitchell. It is the writer’s only novel, whose fame was contributed by the homonymous film colossal Homophobia on the set
Initially the film was directed by George Cukor, the director of what will be A star is born (the film from which the remake A star is born of 2018). During filming, however, he was replaced by Victor Flemming, due to an alleged homosexuality. 125 days of shooting
Initially for the shooting of the film the producer David O. Selznick had estimated two hundred days, but then the total time amounted to one hundred and twenty-five days, even if various problems arose: firstly the change of director from Cukor to Flemming, who in turn he took a temporary hiatus in which he was replaced by Sam Wood. It was not easy for Vivien Leight to get used to the new direction and in fact she secretly confided in Cukor for advice. Although Leight had established good relations with everyone, the only one with whom she continued to fight was Gable and therefore many kisses between the two were cut. A spectacular premiere
On December 15, 1939, the film premiered at Loew’s Grand Theater in Atlanta, Georgia. The event was considered just as a holiday, given that the city was filled with three hundred thousand inhabitants and in the three days preceding the schools were closed, as were the public offices, themed dances were organized and the newspapers were dedicated exclusively to the film. Gone with the wind continuously
In Atlanta, in hall number 6 of the CNN6 Center cinema since 1939, Gone with the Wind has been shown every day, twice a day.
Updated January 2, 2022

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