In any sport there are accessories that improve the practice of it. In the case of eSports, good gaming gloves can make a difference when it comes to preventing injuries and guaranteeing a better gaming experience.
In the market there are different options in terms of quality and price. It is very important that its design prevents both blisters and excess sweat, this will guarantee a better grip and improve blood circulation in our extremities. Another of the virtues that we must look for is that the chosen gloves for gamers provide the greatest possible comfort .
The gloves developed for gamers have an appearancevery similar to the gloves used by cyclists, some can even be used for the practice of both. We leave you a list with the best current selection on the market so that you can squeeze your hours in command with the best experience for your hands.

Gamer Globes

They are one of the first gloves on the market specially designed for gamers.Available in various colors, these gamer gloves feature a Button closure to ensure comfort. They are designed in a material that absorbs moisture to eliminate slippage of the control between our hands. In addition, it has a type of isometric rubber handlethat guarantees this total control over our device. Its design allows an agile response to the buttons, guaranteeing touch functionality.


These gloves are not specifically designed for video game lovers or professionals in the sector, but their use is becoming more widespread due to their characteristics and versatility. Its use in the gamer world is given by its velcro closure and its non-slip properties.It has a reinforcement between the thumb and the index to increase comfort, in addition its fabric allows greater breathability. It is available in various sizes: S, M, L and XL and various colors. Its price €34.80.

single queen
Another of the off-road gloves on the list. They are a type of gloves that can be used both for gaming and for motorcycles or bicycles. Its use in steering wheel or simulated driving games is highly recommended thanks to its great breathability, which allows its use in any season of the year. It is available in fluor yellow, red or orange.In addition, the Solo Queen brand has a post-sale guarantee in case any of its products have any quality problem. Its price €24.99.


These gloves are developed for use on any type of touch screen, including capacitive screens such as Iphone or Ipod Touch. Its non-slip design is resistant to wearand has patches to maintain a better grip. In addition, it has waterproof and windproof materials, in case we want to combine the gamer experience with bicycle or hiking experiences. Its price from €6.52.

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