Tired of the usual honeymoon
Try glamping the latest green honeymoon trend! It was born in Africa, spreads to the States and infects the whole world. The Anglo-Saxon word glamping is the union of ” glamor ” and ” camping ” or luxury eco-chic campsites with a decidedly cool flavor. Tent yes but with king size bed, adventure trip ok, but strictly hot bath and private jacuzzi.
You can stay in a tent, in an igloo made of glass or with transparent walls, in a polished old camper or in a tree house. The only common thread is the wonderful locations and the contact with nature. A more unique than rare opportunity, to live on your honeymoon or not, awilde adventure with a chic soul . And if we still haven’t convinced you, here are some incredible places to glamp.

The Treehotel is that kind of experience that excites and awakens the senses because it comes from a dream, that of the owners to have a tree house . Imagine for a moment waking up in the heart of a forest, the chirping of birds to give you a good morning and the first light of the morning filtering through the window of the room. All on top of a tree a few meters above the ground!

7 types of rooms each with a different theme, from the one in the shape of a UFO to the one that looks like a bird’s nestin a project that plans to reach 21 tree houses.
The resort is designed to give its guests maximum privacy and for an alternative honeymoon it is truly a unique opportunity a stone’s throw from home!

Another scenario, another incredible experience. Nine exclusive tented suites in the beautiful location of the Okavango Delta. Glamping in the savannah means hearing the roar of the lion echoing in the air at night and falling asleep under a starry sky that is beautiful to scare. Deciding to sleep in a tented camp is unparalleled. The feeling of majesty combined with a little healthy fear and an emotion that remains on you, even when the journey is over. Each house is covered in canvas and built on raised wooden platforms in order to admire the lagoon from a privileged position. A perfect combination of modern luxury and nature . Sit on your private swing and let yourself be lulled by the sounds of the savannah.

From the savannah of the animals to the country style of the cowboys. If you love horseback riding and long chats around a romantic bonfire, The Resort at Paws is for you. Bold luxury that meets unspoiled nature: five different glamping areas equipped with a butler and camp chef with common dining areas. Each room has a porch and guess what
On the beds the mattress is heated and adjustable, marvel! The exclusive honeymoon tents have in-room bathtubs and air conditioning for the summer, an ideal place for a romantic getaway with a retro flavor.

Finn Lough is an extreme glamping experience. The rooms called “bubble” have a 180 ° view of the forest, the floors are wooden and there is a telescope in each room to watch the stars. Here, you can touch the sky with your finger!

The only one of its kind in Europe, the Whitepod is a High Tech resort in the heart of the Alps at 1500 meters above sea level. It has two chalets, restaurant, bar and Finnish sauna. The rooms are called ” pod ” and have a terrace, a large double bed, a wood stoveand a lovely mezzanine. Obviously we do not forget the huge window from which to admire the breathtaking view. All the material present in the structure is recycled and produced with wood coming exclusively from Swiss forests. You park 10 minutes away from the resort to leave the surrounding paradise intact. The atmosphere is that of a typical mountain chalet that combines relaxation , design and eco-sustainability .

But if you are still not convinced and you just can’t give up on the comfort of a city, the Four Season has created for its 90th anniversary the first temporary urban glamping experiment… where
Of course in quirky Los Angeles!
The room was a huge curtain with marble lamps and crystal chandeliers on a 2140-meter terrace amidst the twinkling lights of the skyscrapers. If your dream is a honeymoon in the United States, but the idea of ​​glamping has remained in your heart, then you may not find an innovative urban glamping solution. Lovers, the luxury market is in constant work in progress!

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