Have you ever heard of Glam Rock Style
In this article you will find a lot of information about this particular style, much loved by 70s rock fans, but not only! Among the various types of furniture, Glam Rock is certainly one of the most interesting, for the creation of environments full of personality. Glam Rock was born as a musical genre in the 70s in England, then developed in America and in the rest of the world. The origin of this name derives from the word Glamor , which is a type of clothing and attitude where colorful, showy looksand with attention to every detail, they are the true hallmark of lovers of this genre. From its inception onwards, Glam Rock has embraced both the fashion and furniture sectors, becoming a style that is well recognizable and loved by many.
Furnishing your home in the Glam Rock style means creating spaces with a strong impact look, creating a mix of various furnishing trends, finding combinations with very bright shades. If you want to give life to a Glam Rock style furniture, in this article you can find many tips to make the house of your dreams come true:

  • Glam Rock style: when the protagonist is the color that furnishes
  • Glam Rock design: a living area with an effective aesthetic
  • Glam Rock lighting: floor lamps and suspended lamps with fine designs
  • The Glam Rock bedroom
  • Glam Rock complements, decorations and accessories for your home

Glam Rock style: when the protagonist is the color that furnishes
What are the colors that characterize Glam Rock style
Tints and colors are inspired by one of the characters that has most characterized this style, that is David Bowie with his most famous character: Ziggy Stardust . The artist in the seventies appeared on stage with this personality, which he considered his alter ego. Everything in David Bowie’s look, from make-up to clothing, was color and elegant excess, and this attention to detail, this originality was then also brought into the furniture branch. If you want to give life to Glam Rock
spacesyou will have to focus everything on the contrast between bright colors such as black opposed to shocking pink or combinations between white and acid green. Walls painted with contrasts between these colors are certainly a characteristic feature of this type of furniture, as well as the choice of designer furniture in colors such as black, electric blue or bright red. Glam Rock design: a living area with an effective aesthetic
How to furnish the living area in pure Glam Rock style
Starting from the true protagonist of every living room: the sofa. Depending on the availability of space, you can opt for the choice of a design sofawith important volumes, baroque or classic and chosen in a strong color scheme, to be combined with soft cushions in velvet, satin or decorated with bright sequins. The choice of the sofa can also be directed towards models that have made the history of design , such as the Mouth sofa by Gufram, an unforgettable and ever-present icon that has become the symbol of 70s design , or the On The Rock sofa signed by the brand . Edra .
Glam Rock is exaggeration, certainly every piece of furniture must never go unnoticed. Another great point of reference of this particular artistic current is the Baroque style , in combination you can place a sumptuous oneclassic armchair with structure in gilded wood and padding in a bright blue.
The walls can be embellished with Pop Art prints of those years or with fascinating classic style mirrors , with silver or gilded frames, finely worked in baroque and eye-catching decorations. Glam Rock lighting: floor lamps and suspended lamps with precious designs
In Glam Rock style , light is used to outline each scene, Glam Rock lighting is dramatic, sumptuous and must give the environment a precious aura. In this furnishing style, lighting plays an important and fundamental role. Also in this case it is possible to combine classic lampswith iconic pieces of the 70s. For the ceilings, especially for the living room, you can place a classic pendant crystal chandelier, which will give the environment charm and beauty, thanks to sophisticated and captivating plays of light given by the transparencies of this precious material.
Even the floor lamps and appliques with defined shapes play a key role, if you are a fan of designer design , you will be spoiled for choice in finding historical pieces, with a strong vintage and retro feel and perfect for creation. of light points in the living area full of character. The Glam Rock bedroom
The bedroomin pure Glam Rock style it stands out thanks to its main element: the bed . Whether you want to furnish the room with a double bed or a single bed , always remember to choose a model with a Glam aesthetic , that is, with a refined, but gorgeous look. The design furniture sector is full of proposals for modern beds revisited in a classic key, where aesthetics, functionality and comfort are always mixed in a single concept. A bed with a capitonne headboard is synonymous with Glam Rock in the room. The floor can be decorated with synthetic fur rugs insoft colors , perfect furnishing accessory to give the environment style, but also warmth.
Even the light in the sleeping area can be designed on the contrast between vintage lamps and modern lamps . Rounded and enveloping shapes for the lampshades are the most recommended for the bedside lamps , to be placed on the sides of the bed. Glam Rock complements, decorations and accessories for your home Glam Rock style
details make absolutely the difference. In addition to prints in bright colors, the walls can be decorated with vinylsor, if you are a musician, with your musical instruments. Let your imagination run wild, even wallpaper is an evergreen of this style. Choose some key points on the wall and decorate them with animal prints .
Always remember that the exact key to achieving a true Glam Rock effect in any room is the balance between classic and opulent pieces with more linear ones. Seductive, dramatic and full of personality furnishings are a real must for an interior with a Glam Rock look, but having too many will have the opposite effect. Always keep the balance, make sure that dynamic gradations or flashy patterns harmonize with neutral colors, for the creation of spaces full of character, baroque but at the same time well thought out and organized in detail.

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